• Yes, it's equal rights

    It is only fair if one couple can get married that all couples can get married. People should not be judged for who they love and they should be allowed to choose to love whomever they want to. Marriage should not be defined as man and woman or man and man or woman and woman, it should be defined as two people who love each other. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • Other states should legalize gay marriage.

    Other states should legalize gay marriage. I am glad that Minnesota finally got the message that this issue is not just going to go away. I think that all states should legalize gay marriage because gay people do not want to take anything away from straight couples. They just want the same rights.

  • I think that other states should legalize gay marriage.

    I think that other states should legalize gay marriage. I do not however think that churches should be forced to hold weddings for gay people. Churches should have the right to decide if they want to have gay marriage ceremonies or not. We can't force things on gay people, but we can't force things on churches either.

  • Yes they should!

    There is no reason why gay people should not be allowed to be married. They should be put under the same protections as straight couples who want the marry as well. Gay couples really just want to be able to visit their loved ones in hospitals, be bound in the same way, and commit themselves just as other couples. Legalize it!

  • Yes they should.

    Minnesota legalized gay marriage, and the other states should follow in their footsteps. There is no reason that gay marriage should not be allowed to happen in every state. If a gay couple wants to get married, then they should have the right to do so because that is their choice.

  • By all means, yes!

    Gays are human, just like straights. If straights can marry, why can't gays? People say it isn't a right to get married. Well, this is like saying that straights should be allowed to buy bananas at the store, but not gays, since it's not a legal right. Only banning gay marriage is much worse, because marriage means so much more. This shouldn't be illegal because it's forbidden by some religions when America has a separation from Church and State. Frankly, most of those who are against gay marriage are just homophobic, plain and simple.

  • Gay Marriage is a Human Right

    The right to love and marry whomever you choose is a human right that all people deserve. As a Canadian and a gay person, I am very pro-legalization of gay marriage.
    Gay marriage in Canada has led to few problems.
    As Pierre Trudeau has said ``The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation``

  • People Have Rights in a Free Country.

    The government should not control the relationship between two people. It's their business, not the governments. America is supposed to be FREE where the people have RIGHTS!!! That includes gay marriages! Republican squawking about gay marriage may be causing bullying in schools, teen suicide, and cyberbullying because it puts the message across that gay's do not have the rights that straight people have. This is the same battle as slavery, people saying that African Americans weren't the same as other people in terms of rights.

  • No they shouldn't

    First of all, I am personally against gay marriage. But I'm also gonna say that if other states legalize gay marriage, then a political uproar is bound to rise. The conservatives will be trying to change it, and the liberals will be attacking them for trying to. All the while, the gay people are just like, "what the heck is going on here, guys? I can get married, right?". Madness.

  • Marriage is Not a Right

    Nobody has a right to get married. Marriage is an institution created by the state much like a corporation. It requires certain qualifications and conditions to be met if one wishes to avail himself of the institution. If marriage was a right then states would be compelled to enact marriage statutes and grant licenses on a shall issue basis, even to polygamists, close relatives and children. By the way, Islam recognizes polygamy so if gay marriage is a right one is hard pressed to say polygamy is not.

    The state has no business in the bedroom? So if you have a meth lab, kidnapped children, escaped prisoners it's not the government's business as long as it's in the bedroom? This does not mean I support laws governing sexual activity between consenting adults but doing something in the bedroom does not confer any special rights. Besides that the "bedroom" argument is not the issue here. By getting married you are making your relationship the public's business. You are asking for the public's approval. Therefore the public has a right to render judgement.

    The purpose of marriage is to establish a means to procreate and raise children that is most beneficial to children, society and the viability of future generations. Society has determined (rightly or wrongly) that the best way to do this was to have a mother and father in a committed relationship both responsible for and contributing to the upbringing of the child so that the child can grow up and become a self sufficient and responsible adult so that society can continue successfully for another generation. The purpose of marriage is not the dress, the spousal benefits, love, or to force the people to accept and bless the couple's sexual proclivities. Spousal and child benefits are there to reward the sacrifice of committing to somebody and having children. They are not supposed to be just another government handout to be abused by another class of rent seekers.

    Since gays are just a sliver of the population, and the percentage a gays who marry where it is legal is just a sliver of the sliver it is clear that gay marriage is not about gays or their rights. So how can such a small sliver of a majoritarian society overturn millenia of social custom? The answer must lie with straight liberals. The same people who, in their youth ran naked on the beach having sex, drugs, and rock & roll, rebelling against their parents because daddy spanked them or mommy made them eat their vegitables, never grew up. Gay marriage is just another way to rebel against society. The gays are just being used. I doubt that whatever follows the collapse of society will be very gay friendly.

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