Minnesota Vikings lose 42-10: Is Teddy Bridgewater's injury costing the team?

  • Ponder no, we need Teddy!

    The Vikings need help! Teddy Bridgewater's injury not only hurt him, but it is also hurting the Minnesota Vikings. Christian Ponder missed so many opportunities and had too many interceptions. Teddy Bridgewater needs to come back as an active player so the fans of the Minnesota Vikings don't have can avoid the embarrassment that Christian Ponder would bring.

  • Yes, Viking quarterback's injury is hurting the team's chances for success.

    Yes, the starting quarterback's absence will hurt any football team. Quarterbacks are an unofficial leader within the team, most especially the starting quarterback. When a leader is absent, the team suffers. There is a reason NFL teams invest so many millions of dollars securing talented quarterbacks. No single position is so beloved by fans as the quarterback.

  • It hurts but it isn't costing them wins.

    Their offensive line is terrible, the wide recievers were dropping passes, the running back had a fumble and their defense is one of worst 4 in the league. Nearly no pressure at all on Aaron Rodgers, defensive backs trying to tackle Packers RBs at the shoulders and getting run over. The entire team looked pathetic last night and all that Teddy Bridgewater could have done is moved the ball a little better and made the game closer but when you think about the amount of offensive starters that didn't play the fourth quarter for GB and they still won by 32 points its unreal to think that a rookie who has 1 start under his belt would have done very much in order to change the outcome of that game last night.

  • Since when should a team be reliant on one player?

    A team is a team. And the last time I checked, there is no I in team. Sure, a single player could be beneficial and help with inspiration, but there is no reason why a team should be reliant on one player. If we look at this past world cup and saw how Brazil failed, it is because they relied on one player to do so. Germany had a team and played like it. Brazil did not, and the Vikings are making the same mistake.

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