• The Origin and Miracle of Life

    All life is a Miracle! That's why the age-old question, Which came first the chicken or the egg, Is still an age-old question.

    A miracle is a phenomenon that does not have a factual explanation.

    The Origin of Life does not have a factual explanation that can show proof of when Life began. So in my book Life is a Miracle and therefore Miracles can and do happen.

  • Yes, Praise God!

    From one end to the other, The Bible refers to miracles. There’s the story of Moses parting the Red Sea in Exodus. There’s Elijah calling down fire from heaven on Mt. Carmel. There’s Jesus walking on water, Healing the sick, And raising the dead. But are these accounts really credible? Can anyone with an intelligent mind accept the reality of the miracles described in Scripture?

    Did miracles ever actually occur? Perhaps the accounts are myth?
    The Bible, With a credibility of its own, Is replete with reports of miracles. All four Gospel accounts refer to Jesus as a miracle-worker. Specific details in those accounts (Matthew 11, John 11) and the fact that first-century Jewish authorities acknowledged Jesus’ miracles (John 3:2), Adds weight to the case. Even so-called antagonistic sources, Such as the Talmud and certain Islamic writings, Allude to the miracles of Jesus. Then, Finally, All attempts to refute the broad-ranging reports of miracles in the Bible have themselves lacked reliable documentation and credibility.

    But isn’t it possible that Bible miracles are just the fantasies of ignorant people who don’t even know about the laws of nature?
    C. S. Lewis once observed:

    If a man had no conception of a regular order in nature, Then of course he could not notice departures from that order. When the disciples saw Christ walking on the water, They were frightened: they would not have been frightened unless they had known the laws of nature, And known that this was an exception.

    But aren’t miracles actually a violation of the principles of logic? Don’t miracles essentially therefore make Christianity out to be an unreasonable faith?
    Not at all. You are confusing the laws of logic with the laws of nature. The laws of logic are prescriptive. They define the basic and inviolable parameters and unavoidable patterns of human thinking. On the other hand, The laws of nature are descriptive. They are a record of how the natural world normally operates. Scientific laws don’t control or explain events. They are only a generalized record of those events. The laws of logic constitute a perfect standard. The laws of nature describe actual reality. God can suspend the laws of nature at will because He designed them. He would not (and actually cannot) violate the laws of logic, Because they are a part of His nature.

    What do you mean when you say that logic is a part of God’s nature?
    Logic is inherent to the character of God, And God cannot ever stop being what He is, Or deny His nature (2 Timothy 2:13). God is rational and, Because we are created in His image, So are we.

  • Miracles are real

    A lot of times people found themselves in situations that science can't explain, Therefore since cannot disprove miracles since miracles are supernatural. There are a lot of things in the world that are done by God that science cannot explain. They are miracles and some people don't believe it because they never experience one

  • Absolutely they do );

    Miracles are real. Miracles can happen. I know they do. I am right. I am correct. Don't disagree hunny cause you know I'm right (; After this story I'm about to tell you, You will believe in miracles. One day I was walking around and I was pretty depressed ya know and I didn't know what to do cause nothing would make me happy. So my head was down looking at my sandwich shoes with some tomato sauce for later. People kept walking passed me especially that weird guy down the street who licks the leaves on the trees in front of me while stroking his nipples. He scares me. Anyway when I was walking I suddenly fell to the ground in front of a billboard. As I looked at the billboard, I realized there was a piece of cheese on there. The billboard had a guy's face on there and the cheese was right on his nostril. By the side there was a ladder and I started running towards it. I climbed up the ladder on to the billboard and stared at the cheese for about 10 seconds before picking it up and jumping off the billboard landing on to a pile of candy floss dogs. I was so happy I had found it. It completed me. We got married right away. I was so happy I went to the weird guy's house and joined him by licking the leaves on the trees. This was my miracle. This is everyone's dream. Believe in miracles and you will find the cheese.

  • No! Have you ever seen a leg grow back!

    Miricles aren't real! Its strange because someone can win a gameshow or find something and then thank good etc, So dies that mean your telling me God has helped you win a gameshow but didnt help that little boy survive a car accident or is just going to sit and watch that young girl struggle with no legs? Miricles that are claimed to have happened in these so called Jesus times can't be believed because its just written word from a long time ago! Who knows the true facts or if anything like that even happened! Sorry the bible is not a reliable source! These modern day happenings that are claimed to be miricles are much more likely to be explained away by some freak occourance! Its either that or a supernatural being that nobody can see interviened and did something! I don't think so! If you believers are right though and god does do miricles, Does that not show how little he does for us! If he can create miricles why does he allow so much suffering and pain to children if he could just step in and throw a miricle their way? Why do downsyndrome kids never get healed? Has he got a problem with them? Why do miricles never grow limbs back or bring someone back from the dead who has been dead for 3 weeks? The reason is because they are impossible! These so called miricles are only ever claimed for things that could have another explantion! Cancer can be beaten or you get hit by something and just impact in the perfect place to keep you alive!

  • MIRACLE? . . . . . . . = a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore a divine agency.

    Miracle outcome? Whatever that may be. . . . . Is NOT the result of some
    absurd Abrahamic Comic Book GOD invention!

    Sadly the HYPNOTIZED and BRAINWASHED Jew - Jesus - Allah GOD infested human slave drone is conditioned to BELIEVE the IDIOT-OLOGY vomited from the mouth of parasite VAMPIRE con artist preachers who themselves are NOT GOD they just play GOD using
    their PUPPET Jew-Jesus-Allah GOD inventions to ABUSE and EXPLOIT
    their FLOCK of FOOLS who follow them! The Abrahamic Comic Book
    GODS are used as scapegoats for POWER and CONTROL over truly
    STUPID HUMANS who are easily manipulated into SURRENDERING
    their MINDS and LIVES to a Comic Book GOD fantasy story.

    It's a MIRACLE how so many humans still fall for this retarded con artist STAGECRAFT to enslave them and SERVE the HUMAN VAMPIRE
    PREACHER and Religious CULT he or she is attached to. . .

    The REAL MIRACLE comes when the Abrahamic JEW - JESUS - ALLAH
    trio of GOD GARBAGE is finally TRASHED and reduced to the Comic Book GARBAGE

  • What even is a Miracle?

    The way people define miracle is vague and subjective, Is a miracle an unlikely event, Is a miracle something good? And it only gets even worse when religious idiots try to use this as proof of their specific deity, Can you even define what a miracle is suppose to be?

  • Miracles are fake

    Because miracles are just fake and they will never be real. Also they are really weird and they don't make sense because everybody here is f***ing trash and nobody can tell me what to do. I am just doing this because i'm bored and I don't know what to do.

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