Mischa Barton hospitalized in Los Angeles. Do you think drugs are involved?

  • Drugs always involved

    Drugs are always involved
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  • Mischa Barton likely involved with drugs

    Mischa Barton was hospitalized in Los Angeles, and drugs are likely involved. Her behavior was erratic before she was hospitalized. There were reports that she was yelling about the world shattering and not making much sense before the police were called. This type of behavior indicates she was likely using drugs.

  • Yes, it's possible that drugs are involved in the hospitalization of Mischa Barton.

    Though I think speculation is a little senseless, the recent incident with Mischa Barton does seem like it could be linked to drug use. The actress was exhibiting peculiar behavior and had incoherent speech, both signs of possible drug use. These same symptoms could also point to some underlying mental illness. Either way, it's best she receives good care.

  • I feel so sad for her.

    I know that she was and maybe still is overweight and I wonder if that played a part in her hospitalizations. I never watched her shows, just saw her pictures in magazines and I always thought she was absolutely beautiful. It's a shame that her career and life have turned out this way and I really hope she gets all the help she needs.

  • I can't assume that drugs were invovled if the report doesn't say it.

    If I had to judge whether I thought drugs were involved by her pictures and the reported speech incoherence, I would say yes. However, I can't judge someone with no evidence. People judge other people without knowing the facts enough already. If the reports don't say that they found drugs in her system, then I'll have to assume that no drugs are involved.

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