Miss Universe Bungle: Should Steve Harvey be penalized for reading the wrong name?

  • It shouldn't have happened

    The fact that the staff and crew of the pageant even let a mistake happen like that was appalling and a complete disaster for the whole event. I think that Steve should definitely not even be considered to host this show or any other live show like this from now on.

  • Steve Harvey Provides Attention With Blunder

    Steve Harvey should not be penalized by the Miss Universe Pageant for reading the wrong name of the winner as it provides free advertising and attention for what is most likely a phenomenon that is losing it's popularity. As beauty pageants become less and less politically correct, they can use all of the free attention they can get regardless of if it comes from a blunder by the host. Many people, myself included, had no idea that the Miss Universe Pageant was taking place last night until the blunder started being mocked and memed all over social media.

  • No, Mistakes happen

    If he had the winner's information in advance, then maybe he should be penalized. He's the one who looks slightly ridiculous. That being said, anyone can make a mistake. If he apologized, it's reasonable to forgive him. Ultimately, it didn't affect the outcome of the Miss Universe pageant, so even if the non-winner is upset, it doesn't change anything.

  • Steve Harvey and Miss Universe

    Absolutely disagree, why should Steve Harvey be penalized for reading the wrong name. Mistakes happen and everyone can make a mistake. Of course it must have been very difficult for the contestant who was wrongly crowned. She must have witnessed one minute of glory and rudely been awakened to the fact that she was not the winner.

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