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Miss Universe Reveals 2017 Winner: Who Took the Crown?: Is the Miss Universe contest an outdate, sexist tradition?

  • It's a useless contest

    It's a contest who requires zero-to-modest level of talent, and good genes, that's all. Miss Universe makes women insecure, and make them think like beauty is the only thing that matters (which in this society, is unfortunaly very true).
    The only "good" thing I can find is that the girls who try to win Miss Universe probably enjoy the experience.
    Probably the other millions of girls who think of themselves as ugly and unworthy, didn't enjoy this contest as much.

  • Yes, the Miss Universe competition is outdated

    While there are admirable things about healthy competition, the Miss Universe event focuses inordinately on women's physical appearances. The swimsuit factor of the competition shows young women around the world that to be universally known and respected, she must have a certain figure and show it off. Instead of intelligence and humility, we are given physical beauty and poise as our standard for a "perfect" woman. While many areas of the world endure suffering and hardship, it is my belief that it would be better to honor women for much more than what she looks like.

  • I am who I am

    As a child I used to worship the winners on the Miss America pagent and want to look like them. Now I'm grown up. I don't have to look like them to be like them. God made me who I am with the skills and ability just like those winners. Women should not be judged based on their looks. Women have been fighting for years for equaility, why would you allow all that to be taken away just to prance around in a bikini and an expesive evening dress you may never be able to afford.

  • No, it is not out of date and sexist.

    Miss Universe is not a sexist and out of date tradition. First, Miss Universe is not out of date because there are still millions of viewers around the globe. Miss Universe is a great tradition. For a long part of history, women have been forced to live under the shadows of men. Miss Universe celebrates confident women, and it empowers those who watch it. For being looked at as inferior still to this day, girls and women all around the world deserve a place where we can feel confident about our bodies, talent, individuality, and brains.

  • Of course not, this is a celebration of everything pure

    My aunt, Rebbeca Rath, was Miss Belize Universe this year. I have really seen a change in her. You must humble yourself and be open to changing any traits that are not desirable about yourself. Miss Universe is very underrated and an extremely hard task. I hope this tradition NEVER ends!

  • No, the Miss Universe contest is not an outdated, or sexist tradition for our society.

    The Miss Universe contest holds a historic meaning for society and it should remain. It is still relevant and should continue to hold its platform. The contest is not just about beauty and costumes. The contest brings enlightenment to cultural environments that most people would not know even exist without it. In addition, the contest allows for the empowerment of women to develop and achieve their best within the world. It builds the confidence within the women who participate and continues to serve as a role model for young girls to strive for greatness. It is a platform to allow women to find their uniqueness and to help them go beyond limited expectations. If people would get past the sex affiliation with the contest, I believe they would be able to take away a more positive conclusion of the primary intent for the Miss Universe contest.

  • There's Always Room for Improvement

    I do think there are some parts for the Miss Universe contest that are sexist, such as the swim suit bit. However, I do not think that Miss Universe is an outdated tradition, and I think it can even become updated. Each woman has a talent, an opinion, and a cause. We see each woman shine outside of beauty when we hear about their political opinions, and their community outreaches, and their favorite hobbies. We show their lives, not just their face. However, I think we could take these things a step forward by including things such as quiz bowls for intelligence, and discuss career goals. We can make Miss Universe a pageant of powerful women ready to train more women to be just as powerful.

  • It is a celebration of women.

    Miss Universe is not an outdate sexist tradition, because there are still a lot of women who enjoy participating in the competition. There are also a lot of people who use the competition in order to get scholarships to go to school. There is nothing wrong with women wanting to be in their best.

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