Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight: Could it Be in the Indian Ocean?

  • That's where they tracked it.

    The missing Malaysian Airlines Flight could be in the Indian Ocean, because that is the latest of where the governments are saying that they tracked it to. They said that the last place the flight was located was in the Indian Ocean, and that it was so far away from any landing point that there is no way that anyone survived.

  • It Is Possible

    If the Malaysia Airlines flight redirected, it is entirely possible that it crashed in the Indian Ocean. The problem with this mystery is the fact that we just don't know. The flight will remain lost until some form of debris is found or it may remain lost indefinitely. At the going rate, I think the second option is more likely.

  • Yes, multiple news sites have reported debris seen in the Indian Ocean.

    Unfortunately it is believed widely now that the Malayasian flight did go down in the Indian Ocean. Radar tracked it to the area before losing site of the plane. Several reports have come out of debris sightings that may in fact be the missing airliner. Some of this debris includes wood pallets, something that was carried about the aircraft.

  • Yes, I believe this is what happened to it.

    Yes, I believe the missing Malaysia Airlines flight could very well be in the Indian Ocean. There are so many people clinging to hope that the plane was hijacked, or that it turned and headed in another direction. I think we would have heard something by now if that had been the case. With the amount of time that has passed, and the debris that has been found, I think it will be determined that the plane went down in the Indian Ocean.

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