Missing Malaysian Plane: Should the US Navy use their resources to help search for the missing plane?

  • Of course, everybody should help.

    Let’s imagine, if you are on the missing airplane in crisis while the outside world is talking about which country should not assist the researching, what would you think? The more supporting we have the less time it costs and the greater the living rate is.

    Should we not assist the emergency situation? Every country shall contribute their strengths, whether how much you could help. Because whatever the country plane is belong to, the passengers are all living lives. It is selfish if we think only a certain country should provide help, because you do not put yourself in other person’s show.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, China has the Hackers, The Russians have the best spies, and America has the best Military and neither one of these countries can find a plane. I am going to state this. I do believe that we wasted our energy worrying about the Olympics. Al Qaida is involved in this. They had their time to have us focused over there when really they were planning and scheming on this underground. Just how do 2 passports get missing, and 2 people end up on the plane with stolen passports. Their parents are lying about these 2 young men. They are a risk. Al Qaida has not been chattering like they usually do. They have went underground and not speaking loudly about their plans.

    The navy needs to use their sonar and submarines to find this plane it is not that hard. They aren't focusing correctly.

  • Isn't it the least we can do?

    The missing Malaysian plane has become an international story, so efforts to find it are as well. After the Iraq invasion, the United States could do with some goodwill and reputation repair and doing good works and helping other countries is a good way to do it. Besides, basic human compassion should be reason enough.

  • No survivors .

    I can certainly understand us getting totally involved if there was a chance of survivors, but if there is no chance, why spend multiple millions? The people that died have been buried at sea. I know people want closure, but why do we need to pay the bill? Only so much we can do.

  • No. The USA Navy should not expend tax dollars when American lives are not at risk.

    Our economy is weak and our fiscal debt is overwhelming. We should not spend our borrowed money from China to search endlessly for a plane that is clearly lost at sea. The resources of the Navy should be used to protect American lives. In the event a circumstance arises where another country needs our help then we should be charging a fee for our assistance. The time is over where we aimlessly through money at the world's problems and troubled governments. We have by far the most successful for of government in the world today, it is time to leverage that fact and turn it into a commodity to be offered to the highest bidder. If we are going to police the world then we should at least be getting paid for it. We already operate the worlds largest mercenary military. But instead of making money on that resource, we spend it.

  • China, Japan Should Help

    There is no better way to foster cooperation in Southeast Asia than to have the major powers in the region (China, Japan, India) conduct a joint recovery operation with regards to a downed commercial jetliner. The United States should help from a logistics standpoint, but the search should be done with hardware from the Asian nations in question. If there are U.S. Navy resources already in the area (i.e. submarines), then they should assist. The United States shouldn't be doing too much in the way of assisting because finding survivors is highly unlikely at this point.

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