Mixed reviews from refugee workers: Are Muslim refugees assimilating in Europe?

  • Yes they are.

    Yes, this is true. The Muslim refugees are actually assimilating in Europe. This is so because they have had tough conditions that is unbearable from their origin. They have therefore assimilating in Europe. This is according to the mixed reviews from refugee workers. I believe that we should all be given the right to worship.

  • Yes, they are.

    Muslim refugees are doing thier best to be contributing members of the country that they have settled in. This does not mean that they have adopted all of the practices and beliefs of the predominant culture. It just means that they are doing thier best to make the most of a difficult situation.

  • No, the cultures are clashing

    The refugees are trying to install Sharia Law into Europe, and trying to get Europeans to submit to it. European culture does not support Sharia Law, and the cultures are butting heads. The refugees are not assimilating well, and they need to learn the local languages,as well as contribute to the society.

  • Refugees are Outsiders

    It is doubtful that refugees of any kind are assimilating anywhere. Forgetting for a moment about Muslims, in particular, a refugee is basically someone who's escaping a horrible situation. Wherever the refugee ends up, the individual will be an outsider. It's impossible to assimilate anywhere if you're considered an outsider.

  • They need to get jobs.

    No, based on the reports that are coming out of Europe, the Muslims are not assimilating appropriately in Europe. To fully settle, they need to integrate with the local community. Instead, they are living in isolationist camps and using public services without paying for them. They need to learn the local languages and contribute to the economy.

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