• Yes, mobile payments are safe.

    Mobile payments are safe. Making mobile payments may feel uncomfortable for some. This innovation is brand new and is a completely different experience for consumers who are used to using ATMs. Even though it may be new, it is a safe and efficient to take care of your banking needs.

  • No, they arent

    Mobile payments aren't safe but no payment method is. There will always be security breaches and threats to deal with regardless of the method of payment. Mobile payments will have more problems than other methods as it is still a very new technology and the bugs haven't been ironed out yet.

  • Mobile payment services not safe

    Mobile payment services are form of payment for goods and services without cash or cheque. Most of this payment are done via the Internet, and with hackers getting smarter every now and then means your account details are not safe. Most of the mobile payment are deducted from your account via Internet, which can be interrupted by hackers at anytime, without your knowledge. Some people are also careless with their personal information, which may end up in the hands of hackers.

  • No, anything that puts pesonal infomation out into the Cloud is unsafe.

    Hackers are running rampant. These days, anyone is able to hack into anything, and that includes mobile devices. It would take even an amateur hacker, someone with just enough skill to access the Cloud where all information from both smart phones and Internet use goes, next to no time at all to access someone's personal information when they're putting it out into the collective pool of data. Paying something over mobile, though highly convenient, could easily be compromised and your identity could be stolen. Even companies who claim that their Cloud is safe could still be hacked into with the proper amount of skill, and that would compromise ever person who has paid to or with their service.

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