Mobile phones should be banned from primary schools.

  • Please say yes or no

    I would like you to say yes or no what you honestly think. This way we can see what people honestly think. Please only do this if you are a younger than eighteen or a teacher if you have already done it I don’t care. Please say yes or no. 😂

  • No, Phones Can Be A Useful Toll If used Correctly.

    Parents can use phones for children to locate them and communicate with them. In addition during a school shooting children could be able to contact the police using their phone. For example, Say a school shooting happened when a teacher had to leave the class for a little bit, The student could easily use their phone to call the police.

  • Schools need to adapt

    Like the person before me said, Schools need to adapt to changes in technology. What if the student is walking home? I walked home in primary school, And I know a lot of other people who did. If they get hurt or something happens, They should be able to contact their parents or guardians.

  • Phones have become a permanent fixture

    Parents want to be able to talk to their children, And children need to have a way to communicate with their parents.
    Sure they are distracting and teachers have to compete for attention but schools need to adapt.
    It used to just be a blackboard and slides on a 100watt projector that could melt plastic.
    Maybe there could be a app that deactivate phones during class. Or a phone company working with schools to disable apps during school.
    Schools need to grow and adapt to changing times and take control of the situation.

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