• Mobile phones should be for emergency use not general calls as they are small and fiddly & can be complicated

    I find the fact that so many people automatically call me on my mobile phone when they need to phone me very annoying. I do find mobiles good for texting and I like having a phone with me that I can use if I urgently need to make a call but when I'm at home I much prefer my landline.

  • Grossly over used

    Probably 90 percent of calls are totally unnecessary. I have heard people asking someone what sort of bottled source they want in a supermarket. No wonder the chap who set up Phones4u is a multimillionaire. Also, why on earth does a child off five or six (or less) need to have a mobile? No wonder most of the kids seem to be leaving school not being able to read and write correctly. I'm 74 and would not swop the childhood that I had for theirs, in spite of being born at the start of ww2 and the hardship that bought us.

  • I love mobile phones.

    Mobile phones let us call for help if we are stranded or hurt, contact our loved ones no matter where we are in the world (as long as there is reception) and on smart phones we basically have the worlds knowledge at our fingertips. The possible downside of being too reliant on them or addicted does not negate these positive factors.

  • Mobile phones among greatest innovations recently

    Mobile phones allow us to make a call no matter where we are. We can pull over and call to get directions, we can call the police in an emergency without having to run and find a phone. Plus, today with the invention of smart phones, we can look up pretty much anything pretty much anywhere. That is a great thing

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