Mom sentenced in infant pornography case: Do you have any sympathy for Natisha Hillard due to her 24-year sentence?

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  • She doesn't deserve sympathy

    What she did to this child was sick. It's a form of child abuse that is only committed by a predator and therefore I believe the sentence she receive is justified. This type of act is not something that's done on impulse or as the result of poor judgment. It is rooted in something much darker and a sign that this person is likely a threat to society.

  • No, I don't have any sympathy for her.

    While pornography itself is a widely debated issue, there are very few who will disagree that child pornography is sick. And infant pornography? I would say that's even worse. I can't say that I do have any sympathy for her, because she broke a law that shouldn't even have to exist. It should be common sense that child and infant pornography is wrong. And yet she willfully broke it and exposed her innocent child to a horrible reality that no child should ever have to face.

  • Sympathy For Bringing Harm To A Child?

    I do not have any sympathy for Natisha Hillard, as she has chosen to expose an innocent young child to such sadness and horrific circumstances. As a mom, you are responsible for your child, and more than that, you are responsible for the sacred and safe upbringing of your child. Sadly, technology has reached new phases that allow for what people think are very private moments, to be quickly exploited using the internet and other forms of technology. I don't have sympathy for this mom, but I sure feel deep sadness for the child that will miss the beauty of the tight mother/daughter relationship.

  • No, I do not have any sympathy for Natisha Hillard due to her 24-year sentence.

    No, I do not have any sympathy for Natisha Hillard because child pornography is the worst of the worst, and infant pornography simply takes it to an even more twisted level. Children should be protected by all of us in our society and we cannot allow people to remain free who choose to sully the lives of the children around them.

  • No sympathy for child predators

    I have no sympathy for anyone involved in any kind of child pornography. This is just sickening. A child has no idea what is really happening at the time, but it can actually be very damaging to them later in life. We should be very firm in punishing those that commit crimes against children.

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