Moms in the Workplace: Are women who have children no longer able to use motherhood as an excuse for hindrance to success?

  • Women have much more opprutinities.

    For the first time in history, a majority of women in the world are able to now have successful carrers and are not hindered by having children. This is due to a number of things. First of all, quality care for their children is more available. Secondly, since they are seen as equal to men, it is just as likely that the husband takes time off to care for the children than for the wife.

  • YES. New options for mother allow for success.

    Women are no longer to use children as an excuse to not be successful. Over the years with the rise of online education and also with low cost child care options, many women are returning to the workplace stronger, educated, and more poised to push for top-tier positions. Today's world continues to change with convenience and access for all.

  • Yes, motherhood is not a hindrance to success.

    Yes, motherhood is not a hindrance to success. It is a well known fact that women make a significant effort to raise their children and take care of them, but that should not affect her right to work and be successful at her job. Having kids is a great responisbility, but it doesn't contradict with being a strong female leader at work. There are a lot of successful women at business and management sector for example, and they are successful moms at their homes as well.

  • Having Children as a Working Mom Still Hinders Success

    Even though there have been workplace improvements for mothers with children, there are still many obstacles preventing workplace success. Far too many work environments do not provide accommodations for working mothers and workplace moms are frequently viewed as not willing to work as hard and long as workers without children.

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