• I am one of them

    I drink way too much coffee and I know it. That doesnt mean i am going to slow down any time soon. At least it's better than the 20 oz redbulls I was slamming down in college. Coffee is amazing, and I love it and it makes me a more lovable person to be around. Win Win.

  • Too Much Caffeine No Reason To Celebrate

    Monday is National Coffee Day but there is really nothing to celebrate for Americans who consume too much coffee on a daily basis, causing health problems that are difficult to control because they have become addicted to caffeine and have a difficult time breaking their need for a daily fix. Health professionals agree that excessive coffee drinking is harmful but Americans ignore the advice and continue to consume greater quantities every years, putting themselves at risk for a variety of health problems.

  • We are addicted.

    Yes, Americans drink too much coffee because they do not get enough sleep. Americans need to work on getting the right amounts of sleep and then will not need caffeine to wake them up and a sleeping pill to put them to sleep at night. My husband drinks 3 cups a day. It's not good for you.

  • American coffee drinking

    No I do not think that Americans drink too much coffee. Personally I don't drink any think except for water but both my grandmother and father drink coffee every morning. I is decaffeinated though. There are many places that Americans can buy coffee but I doubt they go every day. The question is not do we drink to much the question is how much is too much?

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