Mone Davis Little League Star: Should Mone Davis go pro at the age of 13?

  • A bird in the hand.

    Mone Davis should go pro now, because a lot can happen between now and college. There is no guarantee that she will get a scholarship. If she goes pro now, she can capitalize on people who are willing to pay her today, right now. That is better than waiting until she is older for maybe getting college paid for.

  • Yes she should

    Mone Davis is an exceptional player. As long as she is mentally prepared for the success and hard work of going pro I see no reason for her not to. There are kids younger than her that become movie stars and this is much more damaging than playing a pro sport.

  • Pitches Are To Slow

    If Mo'ne Davis were to go pro right now, she would get absolutely slaughtered. She can thrown UP to 70 mph which in the big leagues is a curveball. Little leauge does not even come close in comparison to the majors such as the players, THE CROWD, etc. The pressure of being on live TV and in front of 40,000 in person would overwhelm her. Not a good decision right now.

  • Only one win

    She won one game only, never finished another was not agreat fielder or hitter.This is all hype by the media. As for her or any llws player going pro at 13 you must be out of your head. She was not the best player,poor hitter average maybe at defense just getting the attention because of her gender.

  • She should be completing school and enjoying her childhood more, before going pro.

    She is a great ball player, and she displays a lot of confidence on camera, but she is only 13. She needs time to develop into an adult, before going pro. And being in Little League does not determine children's future skills as a ball player. She should at least be given some more time.

  • Less than 1% of Little League World Series Participants Go Pro

    Mo'ne Davis is a thrill to watch, but her skills are not so far beyond other Little League World Series players that the hype for her to go pro is justified. Professional baseball players are exceedingly rare and even a good showing in the Little League World Series does little to predict professional prospects. That's because Little Leaguers are children not yet fully formed. Until a player is fully developed into an adult body, it's impossible to predict their prospects.

  • Mone Davis Should go to School not Pro Ball

    The idea that a 13 year old girl should pitch at a professional level is foolish. She still has five or six years left of school and she be focused on academic pursuits. Physically, she is not ready to compete on a professional level. The dimensions of Little League Baseball are not comparable to professional baseball. Mone Davis currently pitches from a mound that is 46 feet from home plate whilst the professional distance is 60 feet 6 inches. The competition level is vastly different from Little League to High School baseball: let alone professional ball. Let Mone Davis develop as a player and as a teenager before we rush her out to pitch in the Majors.

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