• It depends on the context of happiness but mostly yes.

    To fully understand this, let me create a normal scenario. Supposed you go to work and you don't want to ride the normal public transportation and you chose a taxi for convenience, you need money. Suppose you got hungry after a few hours of work and bought food, you need money. Supposed again that you wanted to treat yourself to a movie, you need money. Supposed again that when you went home, the environment is hot and you decided to buy an aircon, you need money. What conclusion am I drawing here? Unless you think that happiness is something deeper than being in a happy state which is tantamount to getting satisfaction then I agree with you but for the record most of the things that we want needs money. Sometimes even a partner needs money. That is just how our society goes. Although having a lot of money doesn't equate to being happy, money can still buy happiness in simple ways we even don't realize.

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  • It can buy happiness based upon how you use it...

    If you spend the majority of your money on your family, your dog, food, heat, and a nice house then money can buy happiness. Odds are, that when you are alone, freezing, and starving, you will not be happy. If you spend your money on all the newest clothes and buy anything your little cherubs want, then your children will turn into brats. Also, say you were a multimillionaire who doesn't have a significant other and is forced to spend the rest of your life alone in a huge house where no one ever comes to visit, you will not be happy. No matter how many jet skis you have

  • This is true:

    Money does buy happiness. As a matter of fact having money up to a certain point drastically increases happiness and quality of life. After that point however it plateaus and becomes just another element, but that level is close to $60,000/year so it's not exactly a small or trivial amount.

  • People would argue in some circumstances that money can not buy happiness due to there being unhappy rich people

    However, money can lead to happiness in certain circumstances. The statement I am arguing is whether money CAN buy happiness not whether money WILL buy happiness. Everyone knows that money does not always equal happiness and that statement has been told to us again and again ever since we were children; however, I believe money can buy happiness because some people's unhappiness are due to financial problems or any other problems concerning money. If they had the money there wouldn't be any reason for them to be unhappy. So yes is the answer for me; money CAN buy happiness

  • Money cannot buy happiness in it's raw state

    Like DuhTruth said. However, we all know that this question isn't meaning it in a literal sense. Money can buy things which bring happiness. It may not be eternal happiness, but happiness of/in some form. It could be a car, food, a charity donation, plane tickets, a university education, drugs, a prostitute even. Money may not make everyone happy, I'm sure there are people who claim that money does not/has not brought them happiness. But I do believe that money has the ability to supply happiness for many.

  • You can't buy a bag of happiness but.....

    Mony buys food, clothes, home, pets, presants, tickets, boat rides, sky diving lessions, ex.... You can give money to people in need in exchange for happiness and exchanging is buying so absolutly. Money isn't always the answer but it sure can buy a lot of happiness.... Inless you wana be more spusific and then you would say money can by the source in which happiness comes from.

  • Crying is better done in a Mercedes than in the gutter, but money can't bring happiness.

    It has been said over and over by the rich and wealthy who are thought of as the happiest people alive that they feel empty and that money is no company. True happiness comes from within ourselves and from our interactions with others. Money cannot buy friendship, love or happiness. Sometimes the financially poorest live the richest lives.

  • Money leads to DJ

    D:Disputes J:Jealousy
    money is something which brings a kind of negative attitude in many people.It leads to kind of disputes among loved ones and overall it cannot buy you the dearest and nearest ones whom u ignore coming into trap of money.MONEY often leads to lonliness in kind of attidude of pride.

  • Some people are so poor that all they have is money

    When we take things into prospective all that money is is just a piece of paper. When you hear of a sink or toliet bringing some pure happiness, you would think they are crazy. The same thing is happening today in our messed up society. We value a piece of paper that is considered worthless in some countries. Like a piece of paper, it can be ripped, shredded, torn to pieces, or burned. Squat like money, people can steal it. NOONE CAN STEAL YOUR HAPPINESS UNLESS YOU GIVE THEM YOUR CONSENT?

  • Creativity and affection does

    One time I had a badas- movie idea about this tomboy and the gang of fellas she hangs outs. The tomboy is gay so she's pretty much into the male bonding thing. It's be Monica Bellucci, in light blue jeans and dark sneakers and her really steaming hot girlfriend portrayed by Kate Moss. Anyways, she has a good time with her and the guys jokefully brag about getting some from her. Lol Now that would be a movie.

  • No, It Simply Can't

    Money can provide many things which make you happy momentarily, and I will not even attempt to argue that money doesn't contribute to happiness, because money helps us survive. However, legitimate happiness in life is, in my opinion, a conscious decision to be pleasant and content with what you have.

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