• Money Is Exploitative.

    Contrary to "popular" opinion, and the propaganda instilled in many peoples' minds since their years of school, money is not some kind of incentive to work. Instead, money is used as a pretext for the exploitation and subjugation of the working class by their bourgeois counterpart. How, exactly, this argument works is what I will explain below.

    1. Money paves the way for class hierarchy. Without the existence of money, humanity would not see the subjugation of people based on economic class. These forms of subjugation can often lead to forced collaboration in poorer conditions of living and work in areas like inner-cities and ghettos. In these areas would also exist condensed and substantially higher rates of drug-related and gang-related crime.

    2. Money provides an incentive for crime. Despite what message might truly be conveyed, the only thing money provides motivation for is theft and other related crimes. For instance, if someone is in a lower-income household or environment and are in a concentrated economic area [i.E ghetto], they will tend to commit crimes in order to attain quick and easy cash. Let's take a drug deal as a specific example. Regardless of the person's race, often times, in more inner-city areas, citizens will take to drug dealing in order to make a quick profit. It's illegal because drugs are criminalized, but it's all they know and have as a source of income. Not only this, but they experience extreme levels of danger that the more fortunate don't. For instance, getting shot if a deal goes sour, getting sold out, getting caught, and a plethora of other things. Now, let's take a different example. I might live in a suburban area, which generally has the more fortunate. But, let's say someone of economic misfortune traveled to that particular area in search of a house to rob. The only reason they have to rob the house is because if they do they have something to gain from it; money, wealth, that enables them to move on up.

    3. Money exploits workers. The one thing causing the exploitation of the labor force/working class is the source of money that can be racked in from doing it. If a worker is not brutal enough to squeeze every ounce of money and profit from their workers, they will surely be replaced by a boss who will. For instance, let's say I found a company. The only way I can truly succeed, is if I am willing to employ a cabinet of workers, assert my authority, and keep the surplus value to myself and invest a certain percentage into the company growing. The more I grow, the more stuck in competition I am. If I am at severe head-to-head competition with another company of the same industry, I have to try and offer better products for better deals, as well as better wages and work hours, than they do. What happens is, if I succeed, I put them out of business - unemployment.

  • Money is our greatest boon

    In my opinion money is one of the greatest road blocks humanity has that is holding us back from reaching our potential. If we didn't have money then research on medicine, in technology, space exploration and so forth would be a lot easier and we would be farther along then we are know. Humanity did this once when we used sharp rocks as spears and daggers and during those time everyone had their purpose so why can't we do so again.

  • Money ruins potential.

    Think about it. The richer you are, the better the education you can get. Therefore, there could be a person who could change the world for the better, but because they couldn't afford a good education, the world would never know their true potential. Money ruins potential outside of education. For example, the space program is funded thousands and thousands of dollars per year, however what if it were unlimited. If this were the case, we could be on Mars by now. Money only helps the rich and hurts the poor.

  • Let it go

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  • Money is holding us back

    Money is holding us back because it is the cause of most crimes such as murder , robbery , kidnapping and others of the sort . It is stalling the advancement of research in medicine and technology that could immensely benefit the populace of the world . It is almost impossible to imagine a world without currency because currency is order , but a society where the sole reason of our existence is to make money so we can live comfortably is heinous , but it's the life we live today .

  • Individuals, not the world.

    Money gives people a want to invent and make new things to become rich and famous. This helps move society faster because people will make new things. This helps medicine and technology to move along better. The only people it hurts are the people who are poor, but not the society as a whole.

  • No its not the money

    Its not the money that is holding us back it is or willingness to try something new. We are so set in our ways that we just refuse to change. If we carry on like this then we will always be held back. So basically we need to change or we will be always held back

  • History happened once

    There is a reason why we abandoned trading goods for goods, and that is because if people didn't want what you were offering, there was no way you would ever get the thing you wanted. Money is versatile and everyone wants it because trading it away is easier than trading away (for example) a houseplant for a car tire. Essentially money is the physical representation of the potential goods you can buy with it.

  • People need incentive

    The root of all evil is not gold, wealth, money or power. Its greed and its in all of us to some extent. People rarely do any truly selfless deeds, and as such require something in return for almost anything. In a micro system where love and friendship are of strong enough influence, money is not required. We just do things, and others realize those things are good, and they naturally return the favor. Its beautiful.

    Now lets talk societally, Macro, where you don't care for the people you deal with.

    Open your mind and try to make a system without common currency. Everyone would just do their job, but what would be their incentive? How would we ensure that we have enough doctors without paying doctors enough to make them want to be doctors? Human goodness? That works for some doctors but obviously not all of them. They still need to get paid somehow. It would work so long as we could control the balance of who does what, something like communism if you are to eliminate wealth all together. I mean, you can't have more McDonalds workers then the cattle ranchers can produce for, which would normally be money's job to regulate in a capitalist society. Without money we would still have value, so you could still buy equipment to pursue your own goals. There would just be a chance that you need to convert your currency several times before/after doing so. Money's convenience is that it simply is the value of our time and all objects that aren't priceless. All the conversions are done for us with common currency. Its so convenient.

    So to sum it up, Money isn't needed on small scale, but payment is often required of people you don't know, because of greed. I think money is the most convenient way to go about our business in a world short of heavenly stature and I think common currency is one of the greatest inventions man has ever created.

  • No, money is a basic and needed aspect of civilized life.

    Without coins and banknotes, greed would not be eliminated from this world. I would simply become more difficult for people to trade their most valuable skills for items to furfill their needs. If you believe that money is holding us back, maybe you should read up on the Stone Age. It was not exactly a great time to live.

  • Government is holding us back by printing money and bad monetary policies.

    Historically, Governments, bureaucracy and printing money is the perfect formula to destroy human potential and cause the collapse of the mightiest of civilizations. Money would move us forward if it were not for the fact that the Governments and the central banks of the world are using the printing presses to spew out as much money as possible for their own wasteful and sociopathic purposes. If Government didn't borrow trillions and waste trillions on their silly pet social experiments, programs and wars, money would be a reasonable way to foster innovation and serve as a means of exchange. Remove government from the equation and money would not be a limiting factor to human potential.

  • Money is moving us forward.

    In my opinion, money is needed to move forward. In order to explore further, we have to buy the equipment. No money would ruin how we've lived for hundreds of years. It just wouldn't work. Yes, it would be nice to just go snatch something up but it would make stealing much easier.

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