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  • Money is not an absolute joy.

    Happiness can't be bought. There are people who are rich but not happy and contented with their lives. On the other hand, there are poor people but are very happy with what they have. As to why I said such, well, I've seen it myself. I've seen those 'types' of people. I'm not rich in money but rampancy of happiness in my ego is overflowing.

  • Resources is the absolute joy

    Money is used to buy or bribe for resources. If you found a way to gain infinite resources of your choosing than you wouldn't need money. If you're stuck in the jungle with a wad of million dollar bills but you are in need of fresh water, food to eat and protection from wildebeests u cannot bargain with nature with all the money you got. At that point the dollar bills are good for nothing but wiping your ass with.

  • Money is a factor

    Money is something you want but not need to survive. The reason money is worth something is because government says it's worth something(fiat money). The major issue is the if we have a lot of money then we can buy anything. It's wrong you can't buy how healthy you are. You can't buy how you think. There are lots of things you can't buy so no.

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