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  • Where did evil come from before money, then...?

    The idea of evil itself is kind of abstract, and comes from all sorts of sources.

    You could say that, in this day and age, money is the major source of power, and power has intense corrupting standpoints. But even then, the root of it actually comes down to people being out of control emotionally. All evil can stem from this. Bad ideas, mixed with poor judgment. People's desire for more, whether that more be money, fulfilled desires that impose on others, land, resources.

    There is also the question of 'do evil people know they are evil'?

  • No way Jose.

    In today's world, I believe it is partly the root of evil, not the root of ALL evil. But mostly, people are the root of all evil. Therefore I will say no, money is not the root of all evil. People backstab and cheat each other for money, I find it degrading and revolting. Is money really worth more than friendship? Obviously it depends on the person, you can't blame an inanimate object for what could be your mistakes or reponsibilities. You can take something and either make something good out of it or bad out of it . For those who are greedy and only crave for more, evil shall meet them eye to eye. For those who are satisfied and don't need money to make them happy, they do good with it. Such as Bill Gates, whom has given $28 Billion to charity thus far. Likewise Oprah Winfrey, whom also donated 300-400 million. So, do we blame the money or the people ?Keep in mind that in the old days, money was not as it is today. People valued it and used it wisely . The value of money changed so drastically because there is too much of it now. Unfortunately it can't buy you what it was once did[due to high debt interest expense,zero interest rates, persistent unemployment, latent inflation and infrastructure]. We are too materialistic and depend on money more than we should. A 1900's dollar would be compared to $100 in today's world.Our actions prove what kind of people we are. We are all capable of deep intellect. If we can blame money for all evil, can I blame the devil for all my sins ?

  • It is Not Money Itself

    First of all evil is very strong word and is only labeled on a select people because of this; however, money is not the root of this evil or really any evil. Evil is based on strong emotions or greed. The reason money is thought to be the root is because people are greedy and in order to get what they want (legally at least) is to have money. But besides greed it is also deep emotionally pain, disgust, or sometimes a mental disorder which causes sadistic thinking or sociopaths.

    The actual definition of evil is profoundly immoral and malevolent, and it isn't a common human quality to be evil but can none the less be found in some people.

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