• Yes we should

    This question was whether or not we should have a gold standard, so yes, we should, I have money and I would like it to be worth something. Not just some glorified Federal Toilet Paper, Uncle Sam can keep his toilet paper to himself, I don't want any of it.

  • Yes it should be given to me

    It should be given to me because I could buy all the Lego I want. P.S. I am a Lego maniac. And it would make Donald trumpet lose all his money and that is a good thing because Donald trumpet is a loser and he is against immigrants he is now Donald trumpet because i can play him

  • CS:Go is an entirely reasonable way to spend the world's money.

    I agree with AllenFierte- one person should have all the money and then spend it as they see fit. I we did this, mass amounts of money would be injected in the CS: GO exchange, boosting its economy and making the world a better place. If one person could spend the money, then their would be no budget shortages or budget-related government stoppages.

  • All given to me.

    So, I have no clue what the point of this question is. Therefore, I have taken it over. I am of the opinion that all money should belong to me, because I am a responsible adult... Who would spend it all on CS:GO items. Anyways, that's all.
    Gif me monie$... Pl0x.

  • Pop based currency

    If this question is indeed about a gold standard, then I would respectfully disagree. The value of gold or silver can collapse when a new rich area is found. Population, however, is more predictable. Each country, if we are keeping national currencies, should peg the dollar to the population. Decide on value, such as $10000 per capita (in value), and write that into law/constitution. Then, the US with around 350 million would have in circulation/reserves $3.5 trillion. Every year, or every census, a new amount would be recalculated.

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