Money spend on space research should be spend on feeding the poor?

  • Why we should Spend More money on Earth

    The Reason why we should Spend more money on Earth is because , We have people that homeless that need a place to stay and food and water to eat and drink , plus if they keep on spending money on Space people can died from Food and Shelter , plus Huston Texas had a bad Hurricane so that why we should spend more money on Earth...

    Kristin Kidd

  • Save animals instead of space researchers

    Why wasting money on researching in space?
    First we should think about our own Earth that what is happening around us several animals are dieing and being species.I'm not saying that don't research but now at the present time we don't need it.Instead of space reasearches we should save animals.

  • Space research is needed for survival

    Thousands of years from now the sun will explode. Will the animals do anything to save us? No, they won't. Will the poor help us? Again, no the won't. You can argue that the poor could help progress science in space, but the truth is they don't have the education. The only way that we could save ourselves would be to get a new home with another sun. So you may be thinking about earth now, but think long term and the outcome will be much worse.

  • The money spent on space research is incredibly important.

    Space Research has advanced the Technology we have by large amounts, this is important because the technology goes to companies which then make products, which increases the economy. So far Space research has created, Anti Icing systems, artificial limbs, Land Mine removal, firefighter gear, and many more things. What America should do is stop funding the military so much and put that money into more peaceful research programs and the poor.

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