Monica Crowley bows out of appointment: Is Trump making good picks for cabinet appointments?

  • Trump is making the choices for cabinet appointments that he believes are right.

    Trump is not the first President to select members for the Cabinet, who have declined the offer. He is however, one of the most controversial ones elected to office in quite some time. It seems every decision, comment, and move he makes, are being scrutinized by the media. He will continue to make the choices he feels are right.

  • Trump's cabinet appointments are good ones

    Trump is picking people for cabinet posts that he feels will best serve the needs of the administration and the American people. It is possible that some of his picks will not be the best, but that remains to be seen. Only by seeing what the individuals picked actually do when they are part of the cabinet will it become apparent whether they were a wise choice or not.

  • No, he is not

    Trump does not appear to be giving any consideration to how well his picks will perform in the jobs he is giving them. This is evident not just from Monica Crowley but others. He seems to place more importance on their loyalty to him than their ability to do the job well or put the country first.

  • He's making terrible picks

    I might go so far as to say that Trump is making some of the worst picks possible for his cabinet positions. Think about it: A guy who is working to sue the EPA has been chosen to run the EPA; a man who is opposed to federal 'welfare' programs chosen to run HUD; a woman who opposes public education to run the Department of Education. The list goes on. His appointments are ridiculous at best. Who will he find for Ag Secretary? A top executive from Monsanto? Come on, people, it's not even funny anymore!

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