Monica Crowley will not join Trump administration: Is the press being too harsh with criticism of Trump's appointments?

  • The press is crticizing nearly every move Trump makes.

    It looks like no matter what Trump says or does these days, is being criticized by someone. It's difficult to remember a recent President so harshly critiqued for every move they make, as Trump has been. The press has been scrutinizing his every move. It seems he can do nothing to please anyone. This may be a factor as to why some of his appointees are hesitant.

  • They need to be more harsh

    The press needs to be more harsh on his cabinet appointments. Many of them are completely unqualified and even contradictory for the positions they have been appointed. And as far as Monica Crowley: she used plagiarism to write a book, among other writings she has passed off as her own. She has no right to be upset with the press for figuring her out.

  • No, the press is not being too harsh of Trump's appointments.

    No, the press isn't being any harsher than they have been for any other presidential appointments. All the criticism of Trump's appointments are fair because of the things they have said and done in the past. Every president who has picked somebody controversial for a position has gotten the same media criticism. Trump has chosen controversial people and the media is pointing that out.

  • No, the press should examine all appointments closely

    The press is supposed to investigate issues related to any president's appointments. A close investigation should not be perceived as unfair but as the press doing its job the way it should be done. Getting out information about Trump's appointments allows the public to make sure Congress does a thorough job with its own investigation.

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