Monopoly and Christmas: Will anyone call the Monopoly hotline over the holidays?

  • Yes, people will call the Monopoly hotline over Christmas.

    Monopoly is a great holiday game, due to it being multiplayer, and long enough that family members feel engaged with one another throughout. Unfortunately, it can also cause disputes between family members already looking for a reason to be combative. For this reason I am certain people will be calling the Monopoly line over the Christmas holiday.

  • That is what it's for.

    It's funny and practical that Monopoly set up a Monopoly hotline. It will probably save people from getting in large fights. It's not much different than having an official present to officiate the game of Monopoly. People will know about the resource and take advantage of it to make sure their games of Monopoly are fair.

  • Yes, corporations like this do extensive market research

    I believe that if the Hasbro corporation has made this decision they have determined there is a need for it during their market research. On top of that, this is the type of board game where confusion and disputes happen often. More than once I have taken to the internet to solve the dispute. I believe that with the competitive nature of our society that certain individuals will strive to get the answer straight from the source.

  • No one will call the Monopoly hotline over the holidays.

    No one will call the Monopoly hotline over the holidays. First of all, I had not heard of the hotline so I can not imagine it's existence is well known. The percentage of kids and families that play board games is also diminishing. And above this the use of hotlines is diminishing as people will look up what they need online or use other internet based resources.

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