Montreal's mayor wants to fully ban plastic water bottles: should other cities follow suit?

  • Yes, all country and cities most do like Montreal's mayor

    Plastic bottles cause many diseases, and one of these diseases, cancer and the reason for that is to leave the plastic bottle in front of the sun ray, Not only there is harm to human, but also there are harm on the environment and the nature because it needs a long time to decompose

  • No no no!

    No because some people are aillergic to sink water because it has different chemicals than water bottles. In 2014 Lake Erie had infected some schools water supplies. Some people think bottled water tastes different. When kids have sports to go yo they can just grab a cold water bottle in the fride and go!

  • Other cities should not follow Montreal's lead to ban plastic water bottles

    Other municipalities should not join Montreal in banning plastic water bottles. Although there are environmental issues, the waste can be vastly reduced through mandatory recycling. There are also
    practical considerations in enforcing the policy. It would lead to banning other plastic items. The resources could be better spent in a myriad of other ways.

  • Water bottles are only a small part of a larger issue

    While taking the initiative to decrease the negative impact single-use water bottles have on the environment, plastic water bottles are only part of the issue. Many other beverages, such as sodas, are also sold in plastic water bottles. While banning plastic water bottles could be a step in the right direction in addressing this issue, it seems limited. I think that developing more advanced recycling programs would be a much better way to tackle the issue as a whole, rather than just a small sliver of it.

  • Ban Plastic Water Bottles

    While a ban on plastic water bottles seems like a wonderful idea to reduce trash and waste of resources, it seems that Montreal's method may be a little too extreme for other cities. Not only would there need to be plenty of available alternatives for tourists and others that are unaccustomed to the lack of plastic water bottles, there have to be resources to enforce the ban (at least initially). Smaller steps may need to be taken in larger cities. Examples include: subsidizing water bottle alternates, penalizing people for using or buying water bottles, or making water fountains more widely available.

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