• We need help....

    Our young people are killing each other. They do not even value their lives or the lives of those around them. Unfortunately, some parents are not instilling values in their children and someone has to do it. There are some universal values such as not killing other people, respecting other people and their property, treating others with kindness, etc. In light of the school shootings that continue to happen, we need to do something to develop morals and character in our children or we will destroy our society.

  • I say yes

    A lot of bullies, hurting and depressed people, and really mean people are around, especially in school when kids are just trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be in life. I think at least one period a semester, whatever class, should be a lesson on morals and being a good person. It could save a life, potentially.

  • Morality is subjective

    Morality is a means to an end. Usually that end is goodness. One behaves in a way which attain goodness. Morality is the regulation around behavior. Therefore, morality is a means to attain goodness through regulating behavior.

    But morality depends on values. There are no universal values. Religions, cultures, individuals and countries have wildly different values. One could say we should value attributes which accentuate our purpose. But only created things have purpose. A fork has a purpose, a television has a purpose and telephones have a purpose. But humanity wasn't created, it evolved. Therefore, we don't have an objective, inherent purpose which makes objective morality impossible.

    Due to this lack of standardization, the only proper place for morality is in the households or places of worship. The last thing we need is to delegate parenting responsibility to the state any more than we already do! We've let the television, internet and schools raise our kids and they're worse than ever morally and integrally. Our children are insecure, confused, weak, immature and lack ambition. We need to take a stronger hold of our morality at home, not at a state run institution.

  • Wastage of time.....

    I think that this is a time waste because one period for
    moral education is a nonsense.Spite of this when other subjects
    are going on then the teachers should teach them the moral of the
    story.Their should be something practical in moral education.
    It is not only the responsibility of teachers but also the responsibility of

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