More adults now live with parents: Is this a sign of economic decline?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Trends in living arrangements for specific groups of young adults indicate that the crossover is being driven by the experiences of more economically disadvantaged young adults, specifically, less-educated young adults and some racial and ethnic minorities. initially in the wake of the recession, college enrollments expanded, boosting the ranks of young adults living at home. And given the weak job opportunities facing young adults, living at home was part of the private safety net helping young adults to weather the economic storm.

  • They cannot afford it.

    More adult children began to live with their parents during the Great Recession in the early 2000s. The economy really declined after September 11, 2001, and lots of young people had a hard time finding jobs. They didn't move back in with their parents because they wanted to. They didn't have any other choice.

  • Adults living with thier parents is a sign of economic decline.

    While I think there are addition, positive results, the cause of adults increasingly living with their parents is clearly economic decline. Economic decline led to problems such as less jobs for those between jobs or just finishing school. It also meant that even those adults with jobs may not have been able to afford a living space, especially without a roommate or in certain parts of the country.

  • I think economic decline is a factor in more adults living with parents.

    Economic decline can be a key factor to the increase of adults living with parents, however some adults are choosing to move in with parents to care for them in their later years is also on the rise. A recent study showed that more adult men are not working, either by choice or lack of employment opportunities.

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