• Freedom VS Security

    In my opinion, freedom is more important than anything. More important than love, money, even human life. I believe most people take freedom for granted, and are unknowingly letting it slip away as a consequence. I also believe that freedom and security are on opposite sides of a balance, so the more you have of one the less you have of the other.

  • Freedom is Security

    With freedom you can provide your own security. I dont want the gov taking away my freedom to provide my own security (like guns for instance) and say they will protect me. Nobody can protect me like me. With freedom everyone gets what they want (in a sense) where with security there are more laws hence more people who disagree with the laws. The more people who disagree with the laws the more chance they will get angry, and chances are that they might to something to jepardize someone elses security. With freedom you provide security the way you want it. Nobody should contradict you because they can provide it there own way. Every time i lose a freedom for security the gov gains power. And even though now the gov is doing okay, if we keep giving up our freedoms the gov will completly control us. Those are my views. I would rather have the chance to fight and prosper with freedom than be snug (and defensless against the gov) with security.

    Posted by: D.14
  • Freedom is pointless without security

    If you don't have security, your freedom won't last long. If you are living in a very secure nation, you know your needs are met for, and when the problems causing your need of security are solved, you may receive many of your liberties back. In a perfect world however, there is no need for security, therefore you have total freedom.

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