More hot water for Wells Fargo: Will they survive crossing service members now?

  • Yes, Wells Fargo is only one of many businesses that have dealt a blow to service members.

    While the business practices of Wells Fargo are illegal and have landed them in hot water lately, the company is backed by enough money to get them out of trouble. Service members are taken advantage of by many companies throughout the country because of their inability to monitor accounts, business practices, and other activities while enlisted. Service members and their duties are not seen by many business entities as anything significant any more as the government officials themselves don't place much emphasis on their services.

  • I'm surprised they are still open

    They're as crooked as the day is long. First that scandal about not telling people about unwanted accounts opened in their names while getting nuked by overdraft payments on something they didn't know about and now this? They should have been closed for the first massive scandal. Volkswagen was crucified for a slight shortcut on emissions but wells fargo gets a pass?

  • The political fallout is too much.

    It is becoming more and more clear that Wells Fargo has taken advantage of customers. They have sold customers products they didn't know they were buying, and those products carried fees for the profit of the people who run the company. Now that we know all of this, Wells Fargo will never survive the political storm.

  • No, they will not survive crossing service members now.

    No, they will not survive crossing service members now. Wells Fargo has proven that they treated their clients like second-class citizens. It is important for no one to trust them anymore, especially since they are dealing with people's money. They will do anything to make a profit, even at the loss of people's incomes.

  • No, it doesn't look like they are going to survive this time.

    I don't see Wells Fargo surviving the law suit filed against them by current and former employees and customers from across the nation for opening accounts on their name without their knowledge charging unwarranted fees. There is a substantial amount of evidence to prove these allegations that out rightly violate State and Federal law.

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