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  • It depends on the lifestyle

    If you're a farmer, vintner, etc it might not be more unhealthy than an urban lifestyle. If you are a coal miner, or one of the folks who lives in an area like Appalachia, then it probably is more dangerous since many of those folks lack access to basic health care, use sources of heat that may be hazardous and may not have access to good nutrution.

  • The Rural Lifestyle Isn't Less Healthy

    There are many reasons that an urban lifestyle is less healthy than a rural one even though there are currently more rural deaths. Urban lifestyles include exposure to crime, pollution, crowded living conditions, and many other negative factors. The rural lifestyle also has hazards but overall it is healthier than the Urban alternative.

  • No. It depends on many different factors.

    This question is not very clear. The fact that there are more rural deaths than urban ones may simply be because there are still large portions of the world that are underdeveloped. There is certainly not only one "rural lifestyle" or one "urban" one, but there are pros and cons to both types of situations. People in rural areas may tend to be poorer than those in urban areas, which could mean less access to adequate nutrition and medical care. However, much more research and thought needs to be applied to this question before declaring that one is better than another.

  • It's much more healthy, but also more dangerous

    When you're outside dealing with nature, there's a lot more things that can go wrong. People are farther away when something bad happens. These things increase the risk of living in a rural town, but the health benefits also cannot be ignored. Clean air, less stress, less sensory bombardment. I'll take the country any day.

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