• The Land of Haves and Have-Nots

    If we continue to let the poor struggle and get poorer, and we let the rich thrive and get richer, we are destroying the American Dream. In the land of opportunity, there are citizens who cannot succeed, they are without opportunity. We need to build up the weak so that they have their chance to rise and succeed.

  • Economic Reality Check

    US poverty rates a have increased every year since the 1980s. Many economist attribute this occurrence to supply side economic policy brought forward during the Regan administration; top down tax reduction to increase business capital for hiring. Also, the country was moving into global markets. It was the beginning of moving of jobs outside the US in favor of cheap labor. Over the last 30 years there has been a speed up brought upon by various different trade agreements, the intermingling of banks and finance institutions, global corporate interest, as well as changes in campaign finance laws.

    It appears tax loop holes and lowered tax rates do not extend to hiring practices but, streams corporate money into overseas accounts, provides businesses with capital to buy back stocks to artificially raise stock value, which in turn pays higher dividends to stock holders. Banks have become too big to fail, anti-trust laws get a blind eye, and we go into extended wars in foreign countries to protect and grow US business and financial interest; all at the tax payers’ expense.

    Various presidential terms have put in place many laws and social programs in hopes to off-set the trend but, between the quid pro quo of moneyed influence, cross party bickering; only social welfare spending has grown as a result, with both sides pointing at the other. The growth of poverty is not likely to change in the near future until our government institution starts taking seriously aspects of micro economics which top economists are recommending. The influence of small businesses within communities; how hiring at the local level brings about greater spending and trickles up as a result. Until the details at the root of the problem are addressed more money will be drained from the middle class to feed and house the poor, as this class also moves closer to it.

  • In a growing capitalist society, it is harder for the poor to help themselves.

    "In order to make money, you need to take it from someone else" Meaning that in a capitalist society - the society we're living in now, the rich cannot be rich without the poor because they TAKE money from the poor. Oh and then they complain that they get help. If we didn't even give them the little help we are giving right now, they wouldn't even be able to afford basic necessities like food let alone all the junk big businesses produce and live off. See where I'm getting at? The rich need the poor so even if the rich doesn't have a conscience at least they should think about THEMSELVES and provide the poor with opportunities, chances and goodwill. As for the 'poor people are lazy' argument, there are financially less-able people out there that are trying and working hard. In America, these people cannot go to University because the fees are ridiculously high and they have their stomachs to feed and rents and bills to pay. On top of all these- big stress by the way- they do try because NO ONE wants to be poor (except those who CHOOSE to be homeless as a lifestyle). They don't get more lazy the more we give them because with what we give them they pay their rents/bills/transport/food and if they're lucky and have some left (which doesn't occur much with people who live in severe poverty) they can invest in other small luxuries. The rest they work bloody hard to live by because the rich keep taking from them. Higher taxes, higher rents..They're all for the poor, the rich are not affected.
    Please just please even if you're not a big help to them, acknowledge their struggle and understand that they are trying everyday while the rich are swimming in other's hard work.

  • Less talk, more action...

    People have a tendancy to like to talk of the poor, and think of them as less because they happen to be at the bottom of the social ladder, however, they are just in an unfortainate sistuation, and need individualized help to their needs. Maybe they need a life coach, a social worker, a psychologist, or an educator, or perhaps they might need better, safer, clean, shelter while they save up money. More action needs to be done.

  • Poor people are people

    Poor people are just like us but don't have the things we have. Everyone should help everyone regardless colour, race, ethnicity, etc.. We have food, shelter, water and the poor that have any food or shelter, water. WE NEED TO HELP THE POOR DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS.

  • I say no

    For the following reasons: The more you do to help the poor, the less they do for themselves, the less they even TRY. This country has already enacted every welfare program imaginable. Free money, free or assisted rent, free food, free medical, free school and free lunches, free cell phones, free free free everything. The result is a culture built around all the freebies, and guess what? They are still poor, content to be so on other people's money. Keep the free education and take away all the rest, and they might actually be helped more, because they will learn to help themselves. And for the record, I helped myself up, all the way, from dirt poor down to the bedrock.

  • No, Stop being lazy

    The only reason people want hand out is because they are too damn lazy and stupid to realize if they just work hard they will have a good living. Too many people are getting in the mindset of entitlement. I hate my generation bunch of lazy ass bums. I am 26 with a credit score of 826 and I didn't ask for handouts. Stop being bottom feeders!

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