More troops to Afghanistan under Obama: Are more troops needed to train/foster Afghan security forces?

  • Afghan forces need US assistence

    Afghan forces have a long way to go before they can stand on their own against the Taliban and other terrorist factions, therefore the Obama administration should send more troops to Afghanistan. The Afghan security forces are making strides, however they have been infiltrated by Taliban supporters as well and cannot yet stand on their own to combat the Taliban.

  • What about America?

    We have plenty, here in America, to worry about. We have starving women and children, rampant homelessness, and families losing their homes every single day. We have an abundance of issues that require our dedicated and steadfast attention.
    We have been fighting a worthless and unnecessary war in the middle east for far too long. How many troops are we going to let parish? How many wives and children are we going to have to explain that they must go on in life without their father? How many families are we, to be, witness to: planning funerals for the unfortunate: husbands,.Fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters? Sadly, the death toll is climbing more and more, both, here in America; as well as in the middle east. Enough is enough. It's time America brings our troops home; to be with their families; safe and loved- where they belong!

  • Problems with armed forces

    Here in America, we have so many troops and so little money to pay them with. We have been in a anti-terrorist war since 2001 after the events of Sept. 11th. We went over to the middle east to fight the terrorists and defend our country. However, after we had won the war against the infamous Osama Bin Ladin, we really didnt have a reason to be there. Yet we are still there. Our troops are away from home, families, and jobs only to be getting less than a minimum wage defending our country. The terrorists are scared and we have them on the run. The afghan people do not need us there telling them how to run their country, scaring innocent people and using up their natural resources and land in the process. We built a compound that cost over one billion dollars that will never be used even once. Not only are we wasting taxpayer money, we are keeping the ones over there from their lives here in the states.

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