More troops to Afghanistan under Obama: Can Afghanistan be made into a stable country/democracy?

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  • Why I say no.

    Why I say no it because people have to be willing to fight for democracy, the people of theses country are use to being ruled by a dictator, they don't know the meanings of being free is. Time after time they have let terrorists group rule, America is wasting our men and women lives and our resource for these countries, we all know whats going to happen as soon as the last troop is brought home. They will be back to the same way as before. History proves it. Democracy comes with a prices it not free, we have to fight for it, and these people are not willing to do it, that why most of them hate us. We need to leave and let them live the way they want, I wish that they would understand how much better their life's would be, they would finally find out they no longer need to live in fear. But sadly that will never happen in the middle east, until they say they have had enough of living like they do, democracy will always be out of their reach.

  • No hope of controlling Afghanistan

    Afghanistan and other countries in the region have histories that date back to biblical times. They are rooted in cultures, religion's, and traditions very different from ours. Trying to force or intimidate this nation into a stable democracy with military occupation will only intensify the perceived problems and create more resentment from that area of the world.

  • No, Afghanistan is too poor.

    No, Afghanistan cannot be made into a stable country/democracy, because Afghanistan does not have stability or wealth. The problems in Afghanistan are ingrained and have existed for many years. It is unlikely that a short-term military occupation can drastically change Afghanistan's political structures, or drastically improve life for citizens. Thus, Afghanistan cannot be stabilized by U.S. military intervention.

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