More troops to Afghanistan under Obama: Is sending more troops to Afghanistan economically sound?

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  • No it will cost us more then we can afford

    Sending more troops to Afghanistan will just cost the U.S. more money and put the American people farther into debt. It is a pointless idea and should not be done until we are fiscally sound again. Also we were suppose to pull more troops out, not send more in, and since we almost defaulted as a country, spending more money for military action sounds to risky for our country at the moment.

  • America Can Not Afford More War

    In the past, wartime in America, has generally meant an economic boom in our country. Because we have outsourced much of our production facilities and the tactic of war have changed so much, this is no longer true. We should not have been in Afghanistan in the first place. It is not economical sound now and it was not in the past.

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