More troubling connections appear between Donald Trump's team and Russia: Should Donald Trump disclose his tax returns?

  • Yes he should

    Donald Trump's campaign manager seems to have some financial ties to Russia, even if indirectly through the Ukraine. Trump has praised Putin and now there are reports Ivanka is vacationing with Putin's significant other. It all looks pretty unsavory. Trump's continued refusal to release his tax returns just makes it look like he's got something to hide.

  • Yes, Donald Trump should disclose his tax returns.

    Yes, Donald Trump should disclose his tax returns. While his tax returns may not highlight the troubling connections that appear between Donald Trump's team and Russia, if he is to disclose his tax returns, Trump would be providing the American voting public with valuable information to use this November in the voting booth.

  • Trump should disclose his tax returns.

    Donald Trump should do as every other presidential candidate has done and disclose his tax returns. By not doing so he appears to be trying to pull a fast one on the American public. Trump is not doing himself any favors by not disclosing his returns and he needs to do so as soon as possible.

  • No, Donald Trump shouldn't disclose his tax returns.

    Connections between Donald Trump's team and Russia are primarily through Paul Manafort. He could still be a fair bit of an conundrum in United States national politics. On the other hand Donald Trump's lead consultant is equipped with comprehensive business and financial knowledge. Lewandowski is calling for Manafort’s resignation. At the same time, Lewandowski has accentuated that he does not actually have knowledge of Manafort's background.

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