More US troops Moved to Iraq Embassy: Will the United States ultimately end up at war in Iraq?

  • We need to

    The current unrest in Iraq threatens to tear apart all that we have achieved over the past decade, As sorry as I am to say, it is vital that we stop the rebels currently fighting in Iraq, It seems once you get involved in the middle east, you never leave. It is a trap.

  • Yes, We Will End Up Back in Iraq

    I think we will end up bask in a conflict in Iraq. The initial mission was so badly planned by the Bush administration that it will take years to undo the damage we did. We left with an unstable government in place, and because we got involved in the conflict years ago, we have to help clean up the mess that we made.

  • Nope, and there is no reason to.

    If no one else becomes involve, then we will not. If Iran, Syria and Turkey stand out, then we will stay out. I'm sure we will send over some special forces and "advisors" until things calm down, but regional conflict is to be expected the wake of America... No one has proven very good at nation building... Not in our time anyway.

  • No the US will not end up at war in Iraq again.

    The 275 troops currently being sent to Iraq are special operations operators intended to provide support to embassy security details. They do not represent the entry of American soldiers back into ground combat operations against the insurgents. Neither the Administration or Congress is willing to reengage in large scale combat actions in Iraq.

  • The sad fact is we don't care.

    No, the United States will not ultimately end up at war with Iraq, because it is sad to say that the United States does not really care about humanitarian problems. We only intervene if it will help us. Why haven't we gone to Syria? Because we don't have an oil or military interest there. We should help, but we won't.

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