More visits to Disney World: Are Disney ticket sales an indicator of our nation's economic health?

  • Yes, Disney ticket sales is an indicator of our nation's economic health.

    Yes, Disney ticket sales is an indicator of our nation's economic health.Disney World is the major tourist visiting centre of our country.Many tourists from across the world visit Disney World so that our country gets heavy income from those tourists.On the other hand the worker of disney world are directly benefited.

  • Disney World is a Good Barometer for the Economy

    Vacations to Disney World involve a lot of expenses that are all luxuries. Those expense include, beyond park admission: Hotel, dining out, souvenirs, and often air travel or car rental. If family budgets are tight, these expenses are easily avoided by taking day trips to the beach or hiking in the woods.

    The willingness for families to part with money for a luxury vacation, such as Disney, indicates a good level of health in the overall economy.

  • No, Disney ticket sales are not an indication of economic health

    No, the increased sales to Disney World are not an indicator of the nation's economic wealth. I think that increased sales on entertainment and vacations are because people wish to treat themselves after extreme austerity measures in other areas of their life. People have made extreme cutbacks in everyday areas such as food (staying home to eat rather than going out), travel, etc and therefore may find themselves with more money to splash out on one off occasions such as vacations. I think you will see an increase in some sectors of the economy and a decrease in other sectors and looking at only one sector does not give a good overall indication of the nation's economic health.

  • Disney ticket sales not an indicator of economy health

    No i do not believe that the increase in tickets purchased to the Disney theme park are any indication to the health of our nations economy. People may have saved up for a long time to be able to afford to go or the majority might be using their tax refund money.

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