• Yes, the Islamic state can be stopped.

    Isis can be defeated if met with a united opposition from those it seeks to destroy. While isis appears to have gain ground quickly in the middle the area in which it has been successful has not had the means to deal with the threat they present due to lack of manpower, weapons, training, etc. With a united effort from countries such as Russia, the UK, the US, and France it is possible to stop this terrorist group.

  • The War Ending Would Stop ISIS

    It's a contradiction. The question makes it sound like more war would be necessary to stop ISIS. The fact is that ISIS is a manifestation of the war. The war needs ISIS, but the question makes it sound like ISIS is in control, thus forcing nations to war. That's hardly the case.

  • The Islamic State can be stopped, but it will take immense changes from our government.

    The Islamic State has been rearing its ugly head for some time now, but it has only recently made its way onto American soil. Which has now led everyone to ask the ultimate question- can the Islamic state be stopped? The Islamic State will be stopped when our government learns to compromise and work as one, rather than splitting themselves into two sides that are more concerned with competitions and elections than they are with doing what is best for America as a whole.

  • Of coure it can be stopped

    Even the notion that a rag-tag RPG-wielding, Toyota Hillux-driving bunch of brainwashed lunatics, butchers and robbers can pose a serious challenge to any major local/regional power (let alone any world power) is insulting. ISIS could be crushed and burned to ashes in a matter of months, should the USA stop supporting them and stop allowing Saudi Arabia and Turkey to pour money and weapons to terrorists in order to battle for geopolitical and religious influence (and cheap oil, of course). Even so, now that Russia has stepped in (Syria for real for now, and with more aid to Iraq) and swept all obvious terrorist targets (that USA deliberately avoided for almost a year), and with France more involved due to Paris attacks, situation is changing for the better and ISIS is loosing ground to regular Syrian troops. Due to sabotage from Turkey Russian help will be limited and progress slow, but it will be done. Islamic state has zero chance.

  • They will kill us all

    Hide, grab a gun. Them isis fuckers are gonna bomb are homes, are children and our freedom. We need nuclear weapons, thousands of nuclear weapons. Bomb them all. If it it moves drop a fucking nuclear bomb. We need to lock down the borders. Europe is lost. They are all isis now. We need to build a rocket ship and fly everyone to mars. It is are only chance of survival.

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