Mormon Wikileaks: Do more religions need anonymous websites to expose problems?

  • Yes, it reduces the fear of punishment

    It can be a difficult thing to stand up to those in power. I have seen many a complaint go unspoken due to fear of the repercussions. If there were more ways for people to speak out without being identified more of the world's problems might actually reach the surface.

  • Religious institutions need to adjust to the new age

    Like it or not, other than Old Order Amish and Mennonites, most religions must become accustomed to the new methods and mediums of communications The best way to be prepared for the new age is to embrace it and take advantage of some of its many benefits. Including establishing methods and mediums by which members can anomalously post concerns and criticisms.

  • Yes, there are so many problems.

    For years, young boys were abused by Catholic priests. These victims had nowhere to go. For years, young Baptist children suffered physical abuse at the hands of their parents and church leaders. These victims had nowhere to go. If these websites existed to expose problems maybe it would help victims be able to reach out for safety.

  • Yes, Mormon Wikileaks plays an essential role in transparency.

    Yes, more religions need anonymous websites to expose the problems that they have within their organizations. Not only do religions like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints function as multi-million dollar corporations, but they also play an important spiritual role in the lives of millions of people. For these reasons, it is essential that there is transparency within religions.

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