Moscow Shuts Down Amnesty International: Should the United States Intervene to Try and Re-open It?

  • Amnesty International should be reopened

    Moscow has shut down Amnesty International in a move that strikes a considerable blow towards the human rights movement. This is the perfect opportunity for the United States to swoop in and show the world who's boss. If America intervenes on this issue, it sends the signal that we take human rights seriously, and therefore that other nations should as well.

  • Yes, The United States should try to reopen it

    Yes, it is my belief that the United States of America should try to reopen Amnesty International because it is beneficial in a global aspect, not just for Russia or the United States. By Moscow shutting down the Amnesty International, there is now a disconnect internationally, which can in turn hurt the world.

  • They taking small steps.

    Russia more or less invaded the Ukraine, and the United States didn't do anything about it. Next, they shot down a plane over the Ukraine. The United States did nothing about it. Now, Russia has turned on Amnesty International. Russia is taking baby steps to return to their old way of life and the cold war. The United States needs to respond before it is a more serious situation.

  • No, it is time we started minding our own business.

    United States should not intervene on the issue of Amnesty International and Russia. Remember Russia is a sovereign state and no one should interfere with their affairs. We have more pressing issues and that should be our last concern, lets protect our people from terror, shape up the economy and provide affordable Health Care to all.

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