Most Native Americans cut off from the web: Is Internet access a human right?

  • Knowledge is a human right

    In most cities, Internet access is effectively granted as a human right. Libraries across the nation grant patrons free access to the Internet. This is important because Internet access is virtually required for finding jobs and housing. Just as important as jobs and housing though is the role Internet plays in informing citizens. As a source of information, it is unparalleled and it provides everyone equal access to information and news that is important to our country.

  • Yes Internet Access is a Human Right

    The Internet is the largest database ever created in human history. It is also the largest peace of technology we have built so fare as well. Everyone should be allowed access to the internet, when they do it, why they do it, and whether they do it is up to them. And it should also not have any censorship.

  • Education is a human right

    The right to education is recognized almost everywhere. The internet is nothing more than a tool to access information quickly and cheaply. So it's pretty obvious that it's a human right. Also if everyone has access to the internet, we would develop a truly global culture and community. I also think it shoulb be free.

  • Native Americans Should Have Internet Access

    Its not right to cut off internet access for one race. Everyone should be able to get to have access to the internet. All most everyone uses the internet at least once a day. Either its for work, school or maybe you want to search something you don't know. How are they suppose to look something up or if they have to go on line to research something how are they suppose to do it. Its not right if Native Americans get cut of to internet access.

  • This debate's title is very misleading

    Internet access should be a human right. But other than that, saying Most native americans cut off from the web is very misleading. By saying that right before you ask is internet access a human right is misleading people to think that someone is withholding their access to the internet. One reason most N-A don't have access to the internet is most likely because THEY LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE. This is the kind of misleading fear mongering that people do to get ignorant meat sacks to rally behind them.

  • They should have access

    I think it should be available for them to use if they can pay for it. They should have the right to access it, and they shouldn't be cut off from it. If they don't have the means to attain the web on their own though, then I don't think we should have to provide it for them, which is a large part of the controversy I have been hearing about this topic.

  • Native Americans Internet

    Yes Internet access s a human right. Why would it be cut off from one race of people and not to others. If there is a willing customer ready to pay for Internet services why would they not get to access the Internet. If people can go to a public place and access free wifi why can;t the Native Americans.

  • Some things are not rights.

    There is a difference between a right and a privilege. As citizens, we have a right to vote ... To free speech ... To worship as we choose or not. But the Internet is a privilege. Cellphones/Telephones are a privilege. Air conditioning is a privilege. Cars are a privilege. Home ownership is a privilege. The Constitution guarantees us rights that are detailed -- not privileges.

    If an individual needs Internet access, the Public Library System offers that. I am part Cherokee. So, I do have sympathy for Native Americans. But the government does not owe them Internet access. Perhaps, instead of casinos, the tribes need to consider attracting other companies? Or they could utilize monies from casinos to provide things like the Internet?

  • No, Internet access is not a human right.

    Internet access is not a human right, it is a privilege and a want, not a basic need. Internet access has never been broadly available and I don't think it ever will be. It is not needed to survive, therefore it is not a human right like shelter and food are.

  • Human right? Bad wording

    For millions of years humans have lived without internet access. It sounds extremely entitled to claim that your rights have been violated just because they can't check their twitter. People say that knowledge is a human right, but it isn't. The individual is in charge of educating themselves. To claim that a lack of education is a human rights violation leads to the conclusion that education should be mandatory. This creates a conundrum: what if I want to remain ignorant? Should I be forced to learn? Does this not violate my rights to liberty? This argument also doesn't address how one can educate themselves asides from the internet. People still have the ability to educate themselves in other ways such as reading, philosophical thought, artistic expression, experience etc. Sure its a bummer that people can't access the internet, but there is no way that it is a human rights violation.

  • Native Americans should have access to the Internet:

    But the internet is not a human right, you don't need it to survive, it can make life easier in some ways. But you still have to pay for it like everyone else.

    I paid just under $2000 to get a satellite dish installed so I could get basic internet set up, since I live in a remote area in Australia nearest large town is 55 km in either direction.

  • It is a privilege

    Humans survived thousands of years without the internet and in my opinion it is just something that we use to help us, not a need like water, food and shelter that everyone does have a right to. Technically, the government could shut down the internet forever so they can use it for their own reasons and there is not a goddamn thing we could do about it. I know people that don't have internet and they can survive just fine.

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Formerland1 says2014-08-22T19:05:49.013
The reserves were created TO PRESERVE THE NATIVE AMERICANS ORIGINAL WAY OF LIFE. Giving them technology was not part of the deal , if they want it try new to live in a city . In fact they should have to live in tipi and longhouses on reserves because they didnt want to join us so they deal with it .
Seido says2014-08-22T21:34:46.850
1) This was posted a few days ago

2) The internet likely should be socialized so that everyone can have it, not just for Native Americans
Formerland1 says2014-08-22T22:27:26.877
I don't think free Internet acsess should be granted to native Americans . If we pay they pay if we have free Internet they do too .
AnonyFeline says2014-08-23T21:46:57.007
For education, most probably, YES. For entertainment, most probably, NO. If both can be done simultaneously, of course. Why not? Anything that enriches our citizens enriches us as a whole.
SweetTea says2014-08-25T13:31:25.673
FYI ...