Most of the problems of students is due to their unrestricted freedom.

  • Freedom needs to have basis

    Freedom can never be totally without rules and regulatioms and this is what making the students indiscipline
    This is what is creating most of the problems and make them tempted to commit crimes such as suicide and murder.They are not receiving freedom , instead they are getting a lesson of indiscipline for which they pay later in their lives
    This is a very serious issue and needs to have attention

  • I don't think that many students get freedom.

    There are many students in the world who may have an unrestricted amount of freedom, but there are just as much whose parents are school are heavily pro-authoritarian, and they themselves cannot enjoy a moment of privacy without their mother bursting in, demanding that she check their phone or diary and then criticize them for every joke, every comment and every story they write in the diary or tell their friends. Then, to solve this, they become rebellious at other environments simply because they are out of their parents'/teachers' control and therefore they [the parents and teachers] can't do anything about it.

    So you should actually look at the root of the problem before you blame students of misusing their freedom.

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