Most people are extremely hypocritical when criticizing others moralities. Yes if you agree

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  • Morality is subjective.

    It's all in the eye of the beholder, regardless of what they might ascribe their thoughts to.

    Per your title question, who would say "hypocritical" or not? It would first depend on the commentator's beliefs and desires. For a concrete example, let's take female genital mutilation. Most of the western world thinks this is bad. For me, personally, there is definitely and "Ugh..." factor, and I would not say it's hypocritical to criticize those that do it.

    Nevertheless, there are those people who think it's moral and "right" to do it.

  • Peoples moralities all contradict everyone elses moralities.

    Being that they contradict each other so much they are almost all wrong i cant say their moralities are objective though i know objective morality exists but i define it differently than others do. I simply call it fairness. There is fair (right") and unfair (wrong). And a lot of it is as easy as making rules for a game giving no one an advantage. What else is there besides fairness to judge that isnt subjective? Good and bad? No thats too controversial to be used as objective morality. Objective morality doesnt contradict objective morality. Being that there is a huge number of "righteous" evils i have to call most peoples moralities subjective. If thats the case and peoples moralities are subjective then its hypocritical to point out flaws in others moralities as yours is subjective too and just as inaccurate as there is no right and wrong and your both claiming there is objective moral truths. When we come together there is right and wrong(fair and unfair) it may be against my morality to cut in line but if someone believes its not they are going to be unfair because they have an advantage over everybody who waits in line. And every act is like that. Fair and unfair. Start thinking about the fairness of things and see if you still believe your morality is subjective.

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