• Too many lefty liberals

    There are way to many liberals on this website, so many with bernie and with things that will destroy america. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Yes, sort of

    Brainwashed into to choices that is, they need a neutral button, which I need, now. This is neccisary because im in no place to judge on this matter. So I pick yes, because the answer is, sorta. Are there going to be hate comments, thats an easier answer to pick...

  • O m g

    Have you seen the number of Christian debates? Stand sing sit kneel sing recite stand sit kneel sing stand sing recite sing sing stand sit kneel sing stand kneel recite sing stand sit kneel sing stand sing sing sing stand sit kneel sing stand kneel sing stand sit kneel recite sing stand.

  • There is a difference between "brainwash" and "ignorant" and "dumb" people.

    I don't know how "brainwash" is being used here, but I feel it is being loosely used since everybody can be influenced by anything external. Throughout history, there has always been ignorant or uneducated people and in some case, just plain stupid people. Hell, even kids are a part of this community, in which some causes are immature, but what do you expect from kids?

    The internet just made it much easier to create these communities of people to have an anonymous voice for many to see. It is just ignorant to say that stupidity only affects liberals or religious people when the same stupidity can be also seen in some conservatives and non-religious people. It is ignorant to use generalization on a few and then applying it to everybody in that group.

  • I don't need three words to say "no".

    The term "brainwashed" has come to mean "anyone who disagrees with me". The arrogance of someone who insinuates that their opponent is brainwashed is simply astounding. You are essentially saying that you are right and anyone who disagrees must be mentally inept, otherwise they would agree with you. It is ridiculous to even suggest that.

  • I'm not, I can tell you that!

    No one here is brainwashed. I don't see where you people get these ideas. Everyone has an opinion, if you have a problem with that then, ok. I'm pretty sure that I'm not, but then again... That's what I would say if I was. Dun Dun Duuuuuunn! It just seems like that because there are so many troll accounts.

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