Movie about the Irish Famine: Should American children study the Irish Famine in school?

  • Knowledge is power.

    Sure, I think it's great for children in America to learn about major events that affected other people around the globe. However, I think that it needs to be done in an age-appropriate manner. It could be really traumatizing for Kindergarteners to learn about kids dying because they didn't have enough food.

  • Yes, American children should study the Irish Famine in school.

    Yes, American children should study the Irish Famine in school. American children are raised in a society where food is readily available and often wasted. It would help broaden their perspectives and increase their appreciation of our civilization if they were to learn of the plight of other people who were not as fortunate.

  • The great famine is an important aspect of Irish history

    American children should study about the Irish Famine in school, as it was a very important aspect of the Irish history and European history in general. It also, teaches includes important lessons about human condition and the vulnerability of the humanity faced with food scarcity and also displays a history of immigration of the irish population and the desperation for a better existence somewhere else in the globe.

  • Yes, American children should study the Irish Famine.

    The Irish Famine killed around 1 million people and caused an equal amount to emigrate from Ireland. It tells of how the Irish were treated by the British empire. Around 10% of Americans are of Irish descent and hold a strong a connection to their ancestral homeland.The teaching of the famine should also show the children of America of how the Irish overcame severe hardship and how it contributed to Irish nationalism.

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