Movie "Zootopia" has different news anchors depending on the country: Do you think of each country having a distinct animal mascot?

  • Yes, Every Country Has a Disctinct Animal Mascot.

    I never thought about whether or not every country had a mascot until I saw this. Yes, it does seem like each country has an animal as its main symbol or mascot. America is the bald eagle, of course. Canada has the beaver, and South Africa has the springbok. It took me a while to figure out what a sprinbok is.

  • It is tradition.

    Many countries have animals for mascots. It's an important part of the identity of a country. For example, the United States has the eagle. It stands for freedom and soaring above challenges. Other countries have lions and bears. These mascots stand for strength. It's important that a country knows what it is all about.

  • I think it help personalize the movie.

    I like the idea of the movie "Zootopia" having different news anchors depending on the country it is released in. think that it is a really fun way for the creators and animators to have some fun and personalize the movie for the audience. Choosing animals that e a particular significance to the country or are relatable in some way add an element of whimsy and fun, and show the creators' focus is truly on the audience.

  • Yes, every country has an animal that represents their country's culture.

    Every country has an animal, whether real or mythical, that represent its cultural. Most times a certain animal is native to that specific country. When you see that particular animal, that particular animal comes to mind. For example, when I think of Australia, a kangaroo comes to mind. When I think of a bull, I think of Spain.

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