• There is much more action and excitement

    It’s way more entertaining than books and plus you can watch with other people too🍿🍿🍿🎬🎬Also 58 percent of people like the movie way more than the boring book because the characters and setting is already there for you. Therefore tv is much much much more better and more entertaining than dull boring and ugh books that make you want to stop reading

  • Yeah, Of course. DETAILS PEOPLE.

    1. How many times have you picked up a book and tried to understand the environment which the book is trying to describe? And how many times have you failed to put the things in their place? So that's the first point. Books and Movies both can be imaginary put movies rule out books as they are recording in real life and can be a better help in understanding the environment.

    2. How about emotions now? I bet you can't read my sentences just the way I intend you to read it period. But movies, They deliver the exact emotion in which it is intended to.

    3. You might say books add a great level of details in the events occurring if you can read properly. But movies too can add a great level of details which are many times missed or unseen. And the only drawbacks they have is that to compare the level of details with that of the books, Movies would have to be longer(if allowed).

    And if they do, They would surely do a better job than a novel

  • Why Movies Are Better

    I completely understand that this is all based on opinion and not fact what so ever. My opinion is that movies are far more exciting than books. You don't see people going out on dates just to go read a book, No they go to the movies because reading a book to me Is boring. Yes reading is definitely better for your brain cells than watching a movie but like I said, Overall movies are just better.

  • Reading is quicker and can better display thoughts

    If you can read moderately fast then reading is much quicker than watching films.
    Books can also show how people are thinking in a better way. Films have to rely on face expressions and music, Which can only go so deep.
    With books you can also easier find specific parts that you want to read again.

  • Personally, Books are more fulfilling

    Personally, I've always enjoyed reading more than I've enjoyed watching anything. I'm not the type of person who feels comfortable just sitting and watching; I feel like I always need to be doing something, Particularly with my hands (I start to fidget if I just sit and stare for too long).

    I feel reading is far more beneficial to learning. Of course, You can learn from watching movies, Too. After all, Movies are great ways to teach something in a concise, Easy, And attractive way. However, I've found a lot of benefit in being an avid reader. My vocabulary has expanded, Due to almost constantly running into words I'm not familiar with. I really love looking up the definitions of words I don't normally come across, And I love learning a handy new word that I can then use in my everyday speech. I've been complimented at work for my report writing; I've always loved writing, Likely due to my love for reading, So I enjoy writing what feels like a story of my own.

    Books also exercise your imagination. Unless you have aphantasia, You're essentially watching a movie in your mind's eye, Of your own creation, Based off the descriptions given to you in the story. I also love that you can take your time with a story.

    Plus, Life is full of waiting periods, And having a book to read helps to pass the time without relying on battery life or a smooth connection.

  • No there not

    Books are the classics and have much more detail in them then the films. Films are quicker to Finnish but books are, Ore enjoyable. You can use your imagination to picture the setting and you are given your brain a great workout while you are at it.
    I think we should actually ban films

  • Books are always best.

    Books are better than movies because there is much more detail in books than in movies, There are many examples to prove that, The maze runner series is an example of it. There is not much in the movie like told in the book. In my opinion movies only contain 30% of the book details

  • Books provide more interaction with the character

    I like books more than movies because you are able to get into their mindset, Rather than just watching as an outsider. I always read the book after I watch a movie (if I have not read it already) and it explains a lot of the character's motivations about why they do what they do. Authors can also add a lot of detail in books that are not possible in a two hour long movie.

  • You will be more likely to get involved with books

    The thing about movies is that they don't usually challenge you to think as much about the plots, Ideas and characters as much as the books do. The novels allow for your mind to fill in the gaps and see the fictional world in the way that only you would specifically see it as.

  • Not at all!

    Some movies have lesson. A book change into a film, The film could be interesting but when you read the book, It can have more information and clearer. And when you read books, It can support your reading-skill and I think your eyesight couldn't be worse than watching a movie.

  • There Is Good In Both

    Neither books nor movies is better. There are amazing books of the highest caliber and amazing movies of the highest caliber. By saying no I am not siding with books, But rather stating the fact that there are amazing movies and terrible books, And terrible movies and amazing books. They are simply two different art forms.

  • Not all movies portray books right

    For example, In Harry Potter, Where they left whole scenes and characters out. In Percy Jackson, Where the characters weren't like the ones in the book.
    Books you can also take with you everywhere. You need a phone, Internet, Or a portable dvd player to watch movies.
    Three more words

  • Books give a more detailed story.

    I tend to read the book of upcoming movies that I want to see. Then I will watch the movie later. The movie definitely leaves out a lot of parts that I believe are important to the story line. A more recent example is the Darkest Minds(which is an amazing book series I reccomend it). I read the first book before I watched the movie and it just left out so much. It's hard to act out so much in so little time. I mean the movie was good, But it was a completely different story. It doesn't even seem like they read the whole book. Also, Some of the key parts of the book could not be acted out. You can't act out thoughts. Ruby's thoughts were so important in the book and that just can't be represented in a movie. A nice detailed book will win against a movie any day.

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