• I love both, but definetly movies.

    The problem with TV shows is that so many either get cancelled too soon or overstay their welcome, even though some movies suck there is no disappointment like a show you like being cancelled or jumping the shark. I also love getting out of the house to go to the theatre, and I have many great memories at movie theatres.

  • It's a tough call, but I'll go with movies

    Mostly because I love the feeling of a getaway from home once in a while. Being a movie is shown in a cinema where you get to be around strangers whom you barely know is a fun feeling. It's nice to be home, but it's also fun to get out of the house, and stack up on your snacks at a store nearest to the theater. That is a cherishable experience

  • I support TV shows

    I've thought about this before, and I've always loved TV series more than movies. First of all, I love being able to watch it in small parts. Watching movies for too long has always been a problem for me, but I find TV easier to watch because it's less packed in. Also, sometimes I find movies in a hurry. It can just end so soon. You get to know TV characters more, but after a movie is made, its over, unless it gets a sequel, which not every movie does. A movie is something that stays with you for an hour or two, a TV show can stay with you for years.

    Posted by: zoya

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Adam2 says2014-05-24T05:49:52.863
The road trip to the cinema is the best PART!