Mozart was a better musician than Justin Beiber.

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  • Mozart was much more talented than Justin Beaver

    Of course Mozart was more talented because his music inspired many people for more than 100 years while Justin Bieber will more likely be forgotten in a few years time.Mozart used something that Justin Beaver didn't have Talent.Justin Beaver and other singers like him are famous while many more talented singers are just forgotten .

  • Iwould have thought the answer was obvious...

    Of course Mozart was more talented! But then so is everyone else compared to someone with no talent.
    I mean face the fact that Mozart composed his first sonata when he was 4/5 years old - watch the film Amadeus, it talks about his greatest achievements and he wrote LOADS of compositions, we're talking 10 times the number Beiber's written, before his untimely death. As a fan of Mozart I have to say that Moaz\rt is undoubtedly the better musician...And that Beiber sucks.

  • That was a question or an statement?

    Do I have to explain? I mean Mozart lived in 18th century and his music is still listened. He was composing his own songs at the same age when Justin Bieber was learning how to walk. Mozart is one of the greatest musicians ever lived whereas Justin Bieber is unknown to almost half of the population (excluding Africa)

  • Is this a joke?

    Mozart is arguably the greatest composer of all time. Not only has he written a vast array of different pieces (from concertos to sonatas), but he has also written for a wealth of different instruments. That requires a great amount of skill and, indeed, knowledge. If you were to ask Mr Beiber to compose a piece for the orchestra, he wouldn't know where to start. The fact that people still listen and play Mozart's music 222 years on speaks for itself; I doubt we'll still me singing 'baby' in 200 years time, no matter how much it is engraved into our minds by modern society and its ways! However, it's not about who's music we prefer because clearly everyone will have a different opinion. It's about who was a BETTER musician. As I've already mentioned, the skill and talent you need to have to compose such a variety of music is immense. Therefore, it is without question that Mozart was a better musician than Justin Beiber (even if he wasn't such a hit with 10 year old girls)!

  • An "essay" on the subject

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the most influential composers of the classical era. Mozart was talented from the point of a child, Justin Beiber sings like a child. In his short life, Mozart composed around 50 symphonies, which are some of the most beautiful, popular, extended musical compositions in history. And Mozart was just one of the many who took music to a new definition, and used his prodigious childhood experiences to bring his classical music to wonders in the world. Justin Beiber produces auto tuned music that can simply be achieved with a boom box and something to morph your voice into what teen girls seem to fall in love with. Mozart had symphonies based on the tragedies of life, love, death, freedom and however you could interpret it, Justin Beiber writes about women, that's just about it. Beiber's voice is high and un amusing, it always has the same sound to it. Mozart feels his keys on the piano, and any other instrument that he may set his mind to. All of his symphonies have a greater sound and a more important message to the listener. Mozart would compose his lengthy symphonies with interesting sounds, and little words. Beiber's songs are short with many words. In conclusion, Mozart was a wonder of his age that will be remembered in the hearts and minds of anyone who appreciates good and true music. Beiber is a teenybopper singer who will eventually be forgotten.

  • Beiber sucks! Get rid of the talentless brat!

    Mozart has 100% more musical talent then beiber. Even though I really don't know Mozart, only his music, he probably had a better attitude and more respect for people. Were as beiber is a heartless evil brat who makes his guards carry him on there shoulders because he is to lazy to walk. In my opinion they should just get rid of beiber all together. No one really likes him or has any respect for this talentless brat.

  • Of course he was!

    Anybody that has at least an ounce of musical knowledge will learn that Mozart was indeed a better musician that Justin Beiber. Mozart's music is a lot more skilled and complex that Beibers. If Justin Beiber wasn't handsome, he wouldn't be famous now... People these days don't care about the music, they only care about the looks!

  • Justin is a dawg!!

    I live in Kansas, and I have listened to both, and the song BABY is so much better than any of Mozart's Sonatas. As long as you love me took my breath away, along with Mistletoe, which got me my first kiss on Christmas. The song, one less lonely girl took me out of my depression when that girl that kissed me, left me at the alter the day of our wedding. After that I started singing, Need somebody to love" and I found the love of my life for the second time.

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Well, I cannot compare like this.